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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cool? Not Cool?

I observed some characteristics in gurls which i can say very cool. And i also discovered some characteristics which is not so cool..(absolutely thats including me!)

Hey hey. This is only my opinion k.

So here I list some of the char that i adore (hey i can adore other gurls too ok!)

1. Independent - COOL-ness
2. Like sport. Can watch sports wif other guys - COOL! (Absolutely not me)
3. Sexy without exposing her skin - COOL!
4. Laugh in beautiful way - COOL!
5. Can make a joke in front of other guys - COOL!
6. Confident - COOL!
7. Athletics - COOL!
8. Gurls with long legs - COOL!
9. Open minded, can discuss abt sex wif other gurls without being pervert - COOL!
10. A girl who happy wif other girls achievements -COOLNESS!
11. Can mingle wif her bf besfren - SUPER COOL!
12. Can gv her bf some space - COOL!
13. Love animal. I observed my housemates are reli fond of animals (exclude Rahmah) hehe. And that is COOL!

Not so cool. Some of the traits that can be in me. hehe

1. Smoker - very not cool
2. Rude, talk with a very high pitch voice
3. Skanky - X
4. Smelly - X
5. Force her bf to buy smthng but show other gurls wif this "owh diz is not expected" expression - blerghhhh
6. Cant wake up early in the morning. ehem ehem :P
7. Block "suspicious" girls in her bf friendlists - NOT-SO-COOL
8. Check every email, text messages of her bf - X
9. Helplessly manja. Manja wif ur bf only thats enuf la hehe
10. Act like a Diva. NOT COOL


SuRayA^i. said...

i'm cool n i'm not so cool. hahaha~

Farhah (applegreen) said...

hahahah!takleyh blah...aku tau sape yg pakse bf belikan brng n claim that is not expected:P

Khairil Hafizi said...

adding more to UN-COOL:

- Tooooooooo sensitive (sensitive is okay but not too much)
- Controlling (every guy hates it)

Orkid said...

12. Can gv her bf some space - COOL!

so mksudnya x control la. haha. tp both yg ko ckp tu mcm aku jer. haha. :P

Orkid said...

peah: no gossip here plssss :P

Orkid said...

sur: yeah! me too. im cool n im not so cool. so we are hot! boleyh? :P