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Friday, March 30, 2012

i want this so badly

Owhhh chiavari chairs. Y r u no cheap???

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sugar Town @ Old Blossom Box

Can't believe that i will be featured as one of the sponsors for Old Blossom Box styling event. The owner, Jezmine whom I know few years back is the main person behind this good cause. And i'm proud to be a part of it..even it is just small contribution.

I always alwaysssss amazed with this humble person. Keep it up dear :-)

And for those who has registered with her, see u this sunday. Sugar town will bring you our yummy chocolate fountain with mixed fruits sticks and biscuits. Truly yummy! And all for freeee!! Yeahhhh i sabotage all the girls there with chocolate hehe.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Chocolate Fountain anyone?

Chocolate fountain can make huge difference in your event! Those smiles and excitement look really made me happy.

Mak budak, bapak budak lagi excited ok!

So now sugar town (http://ilovesugartown.blogspot.com) has special offer for chocolate fountain machine rental with 2kg chocolate at rm80 only!

Crazy kan? HAHA.Memang the cheapest in town la. So hurry book your date before 18th march. Later the price will back to normal at rm150.

We give u the quality chocolate, dah test kesedapan by yours truly hehe.

Hurry, dah banyak date yang penuh. Valid until december event :-)

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Baju tunang part 2

Ok...sebab ada yang request gambar penuh..hehe.

Its empire dress. Kain chiffon silk yang berat so sbb tu elok je jatuh.

Beading n 3d roses by beadmeplease

Veil n tudung heavy beaded by vispera

Pastel yellow n pink :-) color for this year. Free size

Berminat nak sewa, emel orkid88@gmail.com boleh try dulu :D

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tudung + Veil

Masih ingat ni?

 Ceh...ayat artis sangat ahahaha

Anyway, kak atul sewa one set veil dan tudung. Cuma bezanya yang tudung tu dia pakai bahagian bawah. So creative!

veil ni ditempah khas dari vispera.
Siapa yang berminat nak sewa email orkid88@gmail.com ya
Cik orkid pun ada sediakan my engagement dress (fit all size). Its empire cut dress with beadings :)

Friday, March 9, 2012

wedding prep: handbouquet inspiration

Ya...now I need to kick my own ass to start planning on everything. I wish for simple, intimate wedding where most of the people "run" my wedding are the familiar faces..

Tak paham? Yeahhh my english is bad. *booo
xde, cik orkid mengimpikan wedding cik orkid disertai oleh orang yang rapat dgn cik orkid.
Contoh: floor manager by my besfren
candy buffet, photobooth and guestbook attendant by my besfren
MC or singer by my besfren

Kalo boleh semualah nak suruh! ahahaha. mesti syok. Tapi kena consider yang my wedding kat jb. Nak suruh diorang datang satu hal, nak demand tolong macam2 pon satu hal T.T

Anyway, back to our topic. I love flowers. N browse inspiration handbouquet yang cik orkid minat.
Based kat bawah ni pun dah tawu lah kan apa tema kaler wedding nanti heeheee

ok, cuba teka apa persamaan kat atas? ***derhhh hahaha
yurp...orkid + ungu

actually memang dah set apa nak kat kepala. Tu yang malas buat homework tu haha

anyway, cik orkid akan ke seremban untuk candy buffet job. Hope it will turn out nice. Amin

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wedding Prep: Bracelet for Nikah

So my fiance has expressed his intention to buy me barang hantaran.
Cik orkid tak suke pakai cincin. Sudahnya cincin tunang je yang pakai. Yang merisik tersimpan rapi dalam kotak. Tak selesa! haahah.

So I requested for a bracelet instead. Tapi i x fancy typical gold bracelet tu. Hmmmmm....
I reli fall in love dgn charm bracelet by Tiffany & Co. Tak nampak sesuai untuk wedding tho. Tapi aku yang nak pakai kannn hahaah.

Not sure how much it will cost. Will definitely go there!

Comel sangat dengan kaler biru tu. aduiiiii cantikkk

Dalam banyak2 paling suka yang ni. Coz its rose gold...sweeet n vintage sangat..

And maybe the charm boleh tukar dengan yang ni. Idk, i just love these bracelets...simple and sweet.
What u guys think? Is it appropriate for nikah?

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Candy Buffet Terhangat dan Termurahhhh

Haha. Ok. Tajuk tak boleh blah.

Anyway, sangat excited yang akhirnya kami ada fan page dan blog

Tolong klik like ye kat our page :-)

email: ilovesugartown@gmail.com

facebook: www.facebook.com/ilovesugartown
blog: http://ilovesugartown.blogspot.com  
Dan our humble blog


Masih sangat baru, masih bertatih. Jadi idea dan ur support sangat sangat membantu :-) :-)

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Wedding Update

Soalan popular sekarang.

Camne prep nak kawen?

To be honest xbanyak lagi. Or maybe boleh cakap xde lagi? haha

Anyway, progress sgt slow


Big items dah cover kot..mcm venue, pelamin vendor, mekap, video n photog.

Yang lain non hado

Tp few small items i da prep

- kain untuk famili

- dress utk bridesmaid

- lingerie (eh awal sgt) haha

- spa package (monthly)

Now lagi berminat bc blog pasal pregnancy sume dari baca blog wedding. Hahahaha.

Hepi planning all b2b 2012 :-)

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