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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Tanda2 Awal Pregnant

Ramai yang tanya pasal tanda2 awal pregnant. For me I have this symptom twice!
Masa yang 1st time preggy, tanda2 tu agak2 obvious..
1. Sudden increase of appetite
2. Breast tenderness, serious sgt sakit
3. Instinct kot...

Owh..lagi satu..xde angin, xde ribut, tiba2 join netball team kat opis. Siap beli lagi bola nak praktis haha. Serius hubby terkejut. Sebab last time I played was during primary school.

Then, my closed fren kat opis yg tgh preggy knew about my intention about playing netball. Asked me about my period etc. I was quite in denial sbb baru sgt kawen kot haha. She forced me to buy UPT.

2nd time...
I feel nothing...my breast pun x tender macam masa 1st time dulu.. tp yang pasti, my instinct was quite strong that something is happening.. sbb bdn rasa panas lain macam. I feel a bit tired. I even bought UPT and tested it before my expected period day
Then masa hari yang patut period tu, ada blood stain. I was quite confident tu period. I was a bit dissapointed but relief as well..sbb shows that my period is regular.

Tapi.......that it is. Sekali tu je blood stain. Then xde...then next few days ada lagi sikit tompok. Then try UPT. Alhamdulillah. I am pregnant! Perasaan takut tu lebih dari excited sebenarnya..takut berulang lagi. So sentiasa berjaga2.

Owh doktor pun "marah" sbb 1 month + je beza, dah lekat balik. huhu

Anyway, susah nak cakap pasal tanda2 awal pregnant ni sebab tanda dia sgt similar dgn nak period. Doa banyak2 dalam tu dijaga n lekat. InsyaAllah.

Friday, October 4, 2013

3rd trimester

sometimes i can't believe we made this through this far. Syukur sgt2.

keadaan awal 3rd trimester
- sangat3 aktif, semua org tegur..few colleagues yg sama term dgn i pun dah nampak slow tp i still xsedar diri
- baby is so genius. responding to our action
- badan rasa berat..haha

i had tough 1st tri...alhamdulillah now im on top of my health. looking forward to his grand entrance. everyday sure excited coz everyday is one day closer to see him

- its amazing how baby masih dlm perut pun boleh buat both of us ketawa heee.

syukur :)