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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dinner @ Midori Japanese Restaurant

Last sunday nite, we went to Midori Japanese Restaurant kat Marriot Putrajaya.

This is for my celebration. What celebration? Rahsia. hahaa. So I invited one of the most important person in my life. Nanti bila my family turun insyaAllah, i'll do the same thing, tapi bukan kat sini la.


Meja sebelah org jepun. Kami pegang chopstick pon terkial2. layannn~~~

So ni la some of the foods we had.
Semua ni digelar Oishi Buffet On Leg. Sebab buffet tu dtg kat kita. So kita tak payah nak gerak amek makanan. Pilih je dari meja. Rasa macam VIP kejap hahaa.

Makanan dia sedap. Selalunya cik orkid xleh trime sgt japanese foods. Tapi ni best la. Cuma xbyk variety sgt..

Ni gambar nak tunjuk chopstick. Kalo x, xpercaya ktorg gi japanese restaurant hahaa.

Licin tuuu

I like this seaweed sgt sgt

Ni bukan beauty shot ye. saye dah beauty hahaha. ok. baling botol skang :P

Dorayaki kegemaran doraemon and moishi (betul ke) kegemaran kucingsiber hehee. memang sedap!!!

Masa makan ni teringat kat tirah. Owh i rindu u sangat2. Makan2 trip. Mekap trip. Pls pindah KL cpt2. adilah mohd pudzy juge haha.

Ni la klimaks of the nite. udang tempura. sedap gileeeee tapi mase tu pon da kenyang gileeee

Ni teko kicap ye. Jgn konpius ingatkan tu teh. OK. tak kelaka

Aiskrim. Eh aiskrim pon nak jakun ke? mmg jakun pon. ice cream green tea la paling best!!

Mungkin ni tanda memerlukan kamera baru hehee

Kekenyangan yg amat. Maka perlu sembunyi perut. I know, tudung convo. Suke tudung tu sangat2. First time beli tudung mahal sikit. Kalo tak beli tudung rm10 je. So memang jakun. huk3.

I was treated like a princess even it was my treat! hehee :)

Overall: sgt satisfied. coz layanan pon best.Mase call nak wat reservation pon ok. Makanan best just xbyk variety sgt. Pakwe best ( eh eh). So dat nite was a blast! :)
Eh lupe...thanks Shell for the SRA! hehee

P.S: Tgh carik buffet dinner yg best utk one family. Boleh recommend x? Restaurant or hotel.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

3 months..and counting

Gambar latest kot. Still tembam hahaa


Genap 3 bulan bersama Shell.

I give myself just 3 months to assimilate in Shell.

After 3 months, I don't want to consider myself as new hire anymore. hehe.
3 bulan.

Terasa macam dah setahun kat sini.

Alhamdulillah. I love my job here. Ramai cakap mmg sesuai dgn cik orkid. haha.

Seronok sgt kat shell coz its not just about work. But it also really encourage u to participate in extra curricular activities as well.

Nama minah event or nama kasar gila event, of coz la saya suka kan. Bab2 organize event, planning sume. So I'm happy here. Happy coz doing something that I like. Dont u think u can do what u like the most the best?

If you are a sport person pon sgt best. Byk outdoor activities yg dibuat weekly, monthly and macam2. Of cozla cik orkid tak masuk kan. haha.

My very first deliverable is conference. I was assigned to be a lead coordinator with one of my colleague.
Masa tu masih onboarding and blur2. But i took the challenge (mungkin terpaksa, dipaksa, mempaksakan diri hehe)

Its hard to adapt with people that has different style of working with u. N when u are new, its very hard to be open and communicate. So just suck it up la haha.

Putting together 3 day conference is a large task. Esp when u deal with different stakeholders, different position. Being in my position of course it makes things more harder. Ya laaa paham pon tak lagi tibe2 kene organize something. hoho.

Tapi layaannnn je la kan. My team is very new. It's a part of grow east strategy where shell is now focusing on growing the east talent. yurp. we are expanding here in malaysia. so good news, a lot of job opportunities!
Lead the teambuilding. Mmg sgt crucial utk develop high performance team. Diberi kepercayaan utk plan sendiri modules. A lot of modules! And need to be connected with shell core values too.
Alhamdulillah, experience dari sekolah sampai universiti mmg sgt byk membantu. Remember adik2, masuk event bukan sekadar nak collect sijil je taw. Sakgi diorg put u on test baru terkebil2 nak buat. Yela, dulu harap je pegang jawatan besar2 tapi meeting pun x nampak muka (haha. sila terasa siapa yg patut terasa skang)

Yurp. Handling something in profession world is very different. Depending on the organization. But with some exposure, it will help u a lot. Kat sini, cik orkid la PM, cik orkidla secretary, dept activities, deptfaci, dept protocol etc. ahahha. cabaran2
Ni la kira event pertama yg cik orkid participate. Kalo ikotkan cik orkid la semut kat situ. Paling muda, paling baru, paling rendah jwtan, paling blur hahaha.

Tempat: Hilton Hotel Level 7 (Tempat sgt eksklusif)

So enjoy some of the pics (random):

Gambar saye mmg byk sgt terbeliak mata. huuu~

This is my project team. And sekarang makin makin makin bertambah.

Received recognition cert from Trish, one of leadership team. Hepi :)

Makan yg sgt best sepanjang 3 hari program.

Salah satu game. Nasibla bagi keje ni kat budak2. Memang kena buli la. Terbalik, menari, segala mende buat. Nasib2. ahahha

This is my global program delivery manager. Came all the way from Houston. I like him a lot!! Im wondering why people from leadership are very energetic and can inspire ppl. He gave me a lot of tips, and also a lot of work! ahahhaa. Beacuse of him, I received smthng that is very very meaningful to me :)

Cik orkid buat gile mase ni. Tibe2 wat surprise party masa tgh karaoke. hahaa.

Penat as coordinator tapi kena main bowling yg last time main dgn Paan 4 tahun lepas. hahaa.
Key take away:
1. If dapat ape2 keje yg u think mmg impossible, or u not deserve to do it, just pikir maybe ni la golden opprtunity for u to shine and most importantly to learn.
2. Cik orkid pun selalu ada masalah insecure, takot dgn feedback, tapi perlahan2 cik orkid ubah perception, kita muda and baru. Its time to learn. Feedback is very good to improve ourselves
3. The biggest challenge in doing something is u. I always have this prob. Ppl trust u to do smthng and they know u can do it. But I always underestimate myself. I think most of us too. So why u must underestimate yourself when u can do wonders? :) Stretch urself!
1. Still involve in organizing few events (i think this is the fastest track to be visible, network and learn)
2. Involve in KM projects (tak yakin2. adui.)
So how about u? Do u like your job? Can u give me tips on how to get up everyday to work with full spirit? hahaha.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Note to Myself

I love searching something that can boost my mood.

I mean any motivational quote.

Found this when I was stuck in my project.

Allah has given me and us a lot of things. We MUST be very grateful. Very. Sometimes I am sooo afraid if one day He test me with very hard challenges that can make lose my faith. Pray hard. pray hard. Have faith in Him.

Hopefully my success by far not make me an ungrateful person.

Ameen :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Never Ending Job

Any Great success will come with great expectation

Just to include some of my Global Project Delivery Manager.

"........................................Let me know when you are ready to show your EXCELLENT work around KM to Keith/Pat and the rest of the team. Hopefully by mid-Nov would be great, even if just draft format, so that you can get early feedback."

Yurp...rule of thumb. If you want to deliver through your ppl (esp for boss level), recognise your subordinates, motivate them and they will deliver more and more.

Yes. I will try my best. But really afraid if my deliverables is not meeting expectation.

Mood: Takut. Nama yg dia sebut sume general manager. N all of them da taw about my "award".

Dear Bosses (byk taw boss)
Pls give me any overseas assignment. yes, u have given me one. But I want to be relocated. My ideal location - UK, Houston, Australia.

Cewah. Hopefully dapat. 1 year pon xpe. Amin :)