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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Never Ending Job

Any Great success will come with great expectation

Just to include some of my Global Project Delivery Manager.

"........................................Let me know when you are ready to show your EXCELLENT work around KM to Keith/Pat and the rest of the team. Hopefully by mid-Nov would be great, even if just draft format, so that you can get early feedback."

Yurp...rule of thumb. If you want to deliver through your ppl (esp for boss level), recognise your subordinates, motivate them and they will deliver more and more.

Yes. I will try my best. But really afraid if my deliverables is not meeting expectation.

Mood: Takut. Nama yg dia sebut sume general manager. N all of them da taw about my "award".

Dear Bosses (byk taw boss)
Pls give me any overseas assignment. yes, u have given me one. But I want to be relocated. My ideal location - UK, Houston, Australia.

Cewah. Hopefully dapat. 1 year pon xpe. Amin :)

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