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Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Heart

"Tahukah engkau betapa hebat cintaku?"
Have u ever loved someone so much until u cried for no reason just thinking about him?
I do
Do u have a song that really reminds you about you and him, until u cry, for no reason..?
I do
P/S: Semoga cinta kita tetap utuh.
P/S/S: Tiada gaduh2, mungkin hormon terlebih prior nak period :P

How to Apply a Job with Shell?

Q: How to apply for Careers in Shell?
A: You can only apply via our career website at www.shell.com/career

Q: I am a Petronas scholarship holder. Can I apply?
A: YES, you can. We will process you application, but you have to be ready to make your own arrangement with Petronas. Same goes to any other bonded students. Shell is not bound to pay back your loan.

P/S: Will try to answer all the burning questions here. Regarding herbalife, career, life and love. (cewah! hahahaa)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Family Vacation @ KK

Alhamdulillah...dapat jugak bawak family berjalan2 ke KK.

Masa ni raya cina. Ke KK selama 5hari 4 malam. seronok sgt lebih2 lagi dah lama tak jalan2 dgn famili.

Busy sangattttt sampai dah lama pending post ni. And actually nak cerita banyak dan banyak lagi gambar2... tapi serabut. hahahaa.

Apa2pun, semoga mama ayah adik2 hepi dgn sumbangan tak seberapa ni. InsyaAllah aim pasni nak ke mekah satu famili :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tag by Anis :)

A tag from Anis who happened to born on the same date as me!!
Happy birthday dear :)

1. Most irritating condition?
Party/function with a lot of alcohol/smokes.

2. Most irritating question?
Bila nak kawen?

3. I can tolerate the sound of baby crying, but I can never tolerate ____?
Not punctual person - and he/she didn't tell about the lateness upfront and not even bother to say "sorry". I can tolerate this if they say they're going to be late without me having to wait and wait and wait...

4. As a girl, I always have this weird dream of having _____ in my future house
A very HUGE pillar outside of my house, a lot of candles, a lot of flowersssss And very hugeeeee wardrobe with tonnes of shoes collection

5. A perfect birthday gift is?
A call by someone I loved - my family and friends :)

6. High heels or flat? And why?

7. A something that you saw others do/wear, you have the slightest idea to try the same thing but you certainly sure you will never do that
Legging. I reli love seeing women wearing legging. But will never ever do that :)

8. A thing that you would like to change about yourself?
- Less emotional with my bf
- No impulse buyingggg

Saturday, February 19, 2011

My 28th Birthday!!


23 actually! But look forward to be 30!! ahahahaa.

Anyway, I dont have any celebration, just locking myself in hotel, and clearing up work emails!

And I asked Ojan to wait a while to wish me as I want to do my work first :P

Will blog about my boring birthday again. :D

P/S: Thx for the wish frens!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Oprah vs. Orkid

One night I texted my beloved bf.

B..i think I know what I want to do in my life

He replied: Erk. Apa dia?

I want to be like OPRAHHHH!!!

And the conversation went on..Knowing ojan he is a kinda guy that u can talk abt everything! Layan everything! He is a guy to be with even u know ur dream is impossible.

So yeahhh talking with Ojan abt life, love and dream is my routine!

OK...Back to Oprah...

Nope...not that I want to be a tv host (even when I was small I always want to be Nona host, now also hv dat secret wish hehe).

But at least, I can inspire ppl around me. People love listening to my talk.. Motivational, inspiring, adorable and just a plain human. Yes. I want to be like her.

And I am really confident many ladies out there want to be like her too.

So small steps can make difference rite?

From now on, I try to

1. Participate in CSR activities (Grateful that Shell gives huge opportunity)
2. As UTP Campus Ambassador (at lis I can inspire them to get good career, tips on interview, etc)
3. Active in SESERI alumni
4. Try my best to entertain my blog viewers questions
5.. More motivational entry of course!
(I was once invited to join volunteering workshop...I am very sad coz I missed opportunity in MERCY and other Puteri Umno volunteering works coz it was clash with my other important event)

I know I am not as perfect as Oprah. I am just a plain lady with full of passion :)

Konon2 handle talk show.

Feeling2 ala oprah bagi hadiah kat audience.

OK. Boleh jadi oprah tak? hehehee (sume lari muntah darah)

Sunday, February 13, 2011


My usual friday night, if someone wants to accompany me...

Bangi Kopitiam!!! I super love the band there. Every Friday nite, 10.30pm until midnite.

This is not indie/rock band, its old timer!! Seee I think I told u before, I am 80's/90's lady who stuck in milennia world. But, farah said it is indeed enjoyful!! hehehe. Songs that I wait every time I go there, Hotel California, Stairway to Heaven, Black Maria, I dont wanna miss a thing and few other 80's malay songs :)

Ohhh and the food there is awesome too. Worth checking out! If ur wondering who u want to tag along to go there, u always have ME! hehee

After few weeks we didn't meet each other on weekends...

Aktiviti wajib!!!

Nasi Minyak Ayam Merah w Acar Buah

This is mine!! Nasi hujan panas w Kuzi Kambing

I loveeeee kambing!! ahahaha. Yeah..the food there is awesome too!! Thinking of having such delicious food during my w day :P

Ok. This is me..
Location: Nasi Minyak House, Jalan Reko Bangi
Comment: Interior design reli nice, feel a bit exclusive, food is great, service is OK.
Recommended! But one improvement to them, pls improve ur customer service :)

Then, we have nothing to do. Usually we have a lot of things to settle. But today, nahhhh just lepak2 and catch ups.
At first we want to go to SACC Mall for wedding exhibition. But considering there must be thousands of ppl...so we decided, nope. In addition, not that we have plan to tie the knot around this year or nx year ponnnn
So here we are lepaking at Old Blossom Box store. Luckily when we arrived there is no customer, so we had a good chat with Jezmine. I adore her very much!!
I ordered exclusive traditional collection with her. Cant wait for the dress!!

Her collection is extra cute, extra adorable, and u cant find anything like this elsewhere :)

Then, we went to Empire Shopping Gallery. I really want to try macarons and red velvet cake at Whisk. We had 4 pcs of macarons, red velvet cake and mocchiato with nutella.
I like red velvet cake very much!!! But we didnt finish it coz we are not that sweettooth. Macarons are a bit sweet to my liking. And their mocchiato (wrong spelling i guess) is heaven!
I think their other coffees are great too. Gonna try cappucino and hummingbird cake for next visit!
Pics? Nope....coz it is soo dark in that shop, and taking pics thru phone is not really nice.

Let the pic do the talking :P I always love C&K collection. One day I want to go singapore and buy dozens of C&K shoes and hbag there! hehehe.
Makan again
Owhhh i realllyyyy love theseeeeee

I dont mind if i eat these everyday tho! haahaha.
What is sooo special with this "celup2" compared with others?
1. They have BBQ and tempura fried ----- oh oh sgt sedap ok!!!
2. They put bbq sauce ---- i really like kambing bbq. ohhh did i mention kambing again?? haha
3. They put mayonnaise and black pepper sauce on tempura fried "celup2"


He is my LOVE! hahahaa. Always try to fulfill my craving. hehehe.

Location: Gombak, in front of Shell station.

Then both of us had a really good time karaoke!

Conclusion: Bangi ---> Shah Alam ---> Subang Jaya ---> Gombak

P/S: I have loads of entry to post in my mind. But i reli dun hv time :( but nvm, i will make that time. More tips insyaAllah.