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Saturday, February 19, 2011

My 28th Birthday!!


23 actually! But look forward to be 30!! ahahahaa.

Anyway, I dont have any celebration, just locking myself in hotel, and clearing up work emails!

And I asked Ojan to wait a while to wish me as I want to do my work first :P

Will blog about my boring birthday again. :D

P/S: Thx for the wish frens!!


bunda azka said...

happy birthday...

nice to know u, the one with the same name with me.. n almost the same age too :) just a bit older, Im 28 too now n will be 29 on next july
hopefully we could be a friend..
salam kenal.. follow back plz...

Izzul Wafi said...

Happy Birthday Kak M!!

NickyNieya said...

dear sis
happy birthday
nice meeting u at the SHELL management skills game tempoh hari,

all the best in ur life.