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Monday, February 14, 2011

Oprah vs. Orkid

One night I texted my beloved bf.

B..i think I know what I want to do in my life

He replied: Erk. Apa dia?

I want to be like OPRAHHHH!!!

And the conversation went on..Knowing ojan he is a kinda guy that u can talk abt everything! Layan everything! He is a guy to be with even u know ur dream is impossible.

So yeahhh talking with Ojan abt life, love and dream is my routine!

OK...Back to Oprah...

Nope...not that I want to be a tv host (even when I was small I always want to be Nona host, now also hv dat secret wish hehe).

But at least, I can inspire ppl around me. People love listening to my talk.. Motivational, inspiring, adorable and just a plain human. Yes. I want to be like her.

And I am really confident many ladies out there want to be like her too.

So small steps can make difference rite?

From now on, I try to

1. Participate in CSR activities (Grateful that Shell gives huge opportunity)
2. As UTP Campus Ambassador (at lis I can inspire them to get good career, tips on interview, etc)
3. Active in SESERI alumni
4. Try my best to entertain my blog viewers questions
5.. More motivational entry of course!
(I was once invited to join volunteering workshop...I am very sad coz I missed opportunity in MERCY and other Puteri Umno volunteering works coz it was clash with my other important event)

I know I am not as perfect as Oprah. I am just a plain lady with full of passion :)

Konon2 handle talk show.

Feeling2 ala oprah bagi hadiah kat audience.

OK. Boleh jadi oprah tak? hehehee (sume lari muntah darah)

1 comment:

Fauzan Abdullah said...

hhahha!! ahahah!! gmbar last skali mmg tak leh blah! hahaha.. adoi. sakit perot gelak. haha.. :P

btw.. if u dont manage 2 make urself as "Oprah" to othera.. u always be my "orkid".. :)