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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tag by Anis :)

A tag from Anis who happened to born on the same date as me!!
Happy birthday dear :)

1. Most irritating condition?
Party/function with a lot of alcohol/smokes.

2. Most irritating question?
Bila nak kawen?

3. I can tolerate the sound of baby crying, but I can never tolerate ____?
Not punctual person - and he/she didn't tell about the lateness upfront and not even bother to say "sorry". I can tolerate this if they say they're going to be late without me having to wait and wait and wait...

4. As a girl, I always have this weird dream of having _____ in my future house
A very HUGE pillar outside of my house, a lot of candles, a lot of flowersssss And very hugeeeee wardrobe with tonnes of shoes collection

5. A perfect birthday gift is?
A call by someone I loved - my family and friends :)

6. High heels or flat? And why?

7. A something that you saw others do/wear, you have the slightest idea to try the same thing but you certainly sure you will never do that
Legging. I reli love seeing women wearing legging. But will never ever do that :)

8. A thing that you would like to change about yourself?
- Less emotional with my bf
- No impulse buyingggg

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