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Monday, October 31, 2011

Prep Tunang 2: Hantaran Trays & Decos

Last weekend was a very very productive weekend.
Went back to settle a lot of things..
Since I did not do anything in October, except for the dress, I was quite rushed a bit.

Tapi alhamdulillah, i really love managing this. Belum stress lagi. My "project plan" sgt2 membantu. Maybe sbb kerja project management type of work, so semua plan pon macam nak manage project. My family and frens tgk pon terkejut. Template je gempak.
Tapi seriously sangat membantu especially bagi org yg sgt organized n time limited like me.
Anyway, will share with you in the next entry insyaAllah.

Tentang hantaran trays and deco, memang initially nak amek kat KK Homedeco je. Ada satu kat kajang. Tapi decided beli semua kat JB je.

KK ada sale ok!!! Sampai end of this month. Banyak gila items yg best. Seriously I went crazy there and bought unnecesary things hahaa. It is just my kind of shop.

OK. Untuk B2B yang masih mencarik2 tray yang cantik n murah, KK buat diskaun until 30% untuk dulang n artificial flower, buy 1 free 1.
BEST OF ALL, KK ada diorang punya decorator for free of charge!!! Bayangkan u banyak gila save kat situ ok. I surveyed if guna artificial, paling murah rm35 per dulang ok. If beli kat KK memang sgt save.

I am sux of choosing flower. I am sux at doing DIY je. I'm just good at imagining only. hahaa.

I want it to be simple so I told mama "Ala, letak 2 3 bunga je kat tepi dulang, siap"

My mom replied "Tak seni langsung"

Ok fine. Semua bunga yg I pilih semua kena reject. Muahaha.

Layan je la~ so my mom nak suruh kawan dia yang pernah decorate hantaran dia 25thun lalu untuk tlg deco. Me? Doa je la~~ expect jadi hantaran2 ala2 tahun 80an haahaha. Sebab KK kat JB ni xde hantaran decorator, Cetttt..

So mmg tis is a good investment sbb i am the first child n boleh diwariskan kpd adik n sedara.


Bunga + lilin (im a sucker of fragrance) + 7 dulang for rm170 ONLY.

Kalau compare rm35x7~~~ banyak saving. Alhamdulillah.

P/S: My mom pon went crazy kat KK ni. She will buy flowers here as well.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Prep Tunang 1: Fabric Hunting for Engagement

Bila tiba2 dapat berita...

Tak fikir lain dah...baju!!!! haahaha.

Very short notice kan. So kena make sure even dramatic tapi bergaya. OK . mengarut.
Anyway...memang ni lah perkara pertama yang dibuat. Carik kain. Nak upah designer memang tak mampu, maka buat long way...beli kain, gi tailor, hantar beading..siap.

Sebab noob pasal kain, maka telefon tailor berkali2 untuk tawu kain apa yang sesuai ahaha.
So atas survey sendiri dan tanya kawan2, pergilah ke jakel shah alam.

Simplicity. Sgt simple. tu je dlm fikiran. So amek plain chiffon silk 4 meter, satin silk 4m n border lace.
Mahal~~~~ tak sangka kain mahal camni. Tapi gatal sebab nak amek gak yg mahal sbb kononnya nampak cantik padahal org tgk sama je T.T

So agak regret sbnrnya tp xpela~ asal puas ati.

Pastu xtido malam. Serius tak tido malam sbb takut tak cantik. Ok. Lets just wait the outcome later~~

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Year End Review

Busy mode activated.

When I said I am busy.. I am REALLY busy hahaa.


Bulan ni ke seluruh Malaysia n Singapore. Aaaaa.

Anyway, it is time for me to do year end review. I like it because it shows that I am near to get bonus and increment! But I really hate it coz need to write flowery lines just to show that you are doing good. Hell I hate it. Especially your reviewer is not the person who works with u. So how can she knows what I have been doing so far?

Plus, im not a good talker...or writer...I always believe in action.


Post ni sebab dapat feedback my summary pendek sgt by line manager ahahhaa. Fine~ I have loads of things to do. Refer kat feedbacks from all my stakeholders tak cukup ke? :P

Kartun kat bawah ni describe exactly mcm mana kita being ranked in company. True tho!

Monday, October 3, 2011

A Girl's Gotta Do What A Girl's Gotta Do Pt 3

What else could a girl ask more?
Besfren + good food + superb spa = Just perfect day for a typical girl hehee

So I had an appointment with eve de beauty spa last saturday.
I've been busy last week..outstation and all. Good reason to pamper myself!

My friend from KK..Tirah..she stayed over my place. Feel guilty leaving her alone in my house, I just brought her along to the spa. Hopefully she got a slot for spa too!

And...for first time customer she got 50% off!!!
Jcuzzi + aromatherapy body massage + hot stone massage + full body scrub for just rm60!!

So sesiapa yang berminat meh quote my name to the lovely lady named Eve or just bring me along!! I reli love spa. hehee

We were in couple room hahaa. Sounds so gay :P
Satisfied and happy customer. I've been to countless spa treatment. This is the best so far :)

After pampering our body...our stomach shouted and asked for pamper too! hehee

Then we just gambled and hunted for food at that area.
The name of the place is Big Brothers. Western cuisine

We were thrilled by the menu. Banyak gile kot!! and sume nampak sedap. Maybe sebab kebulur.

So we ordered nachos, fish n chips, spagetti and 2 sets of desserts.

Portion sgt besar ok!!!! sangat! boleh makan 2 org untuk per meal
Nachos ni sgt heavenly sedap.

The best desert eva! Bwh tu caramel. Banana fritters yg sangat rangup n manis. Cream yang penuh. Serius sgt best!!

Harga kat Big Brothers ni sumenya memang sangat ok. Considering its western food and portion sgt besar. Highly recommended. For those who curious, dia kat area The Strand, Kota Damansara. Banyak deretan kedai kat situ.

Dessert sgt besar! Its for 4 person portion. No wonder the waiter was kinda shocked when we ordered for 2 sets of desserts. Halfway dah sangat kenyang, so we cancelled yang the other one dessert. Bila tengok orang sebelah order yang sama, we were grateful coz mmg sangat besar.

We went back with full of satisfaction :D

She left for Secret Life of Nora and myself met my other half for movie date :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Girl's Gotta Do What A Girl's Gotta Do Pt 2

Long backdated entry..

Had a really good time with my girlfriends.
First time ever pegi ke Genting Highland theme park

Pengalaman naik "superman" tu mmg highlight of the day. Rasa nak menangis pun ada hahaa.