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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


You can fall in love in an instant....
It's letting go that takes time....

A Day Before New Year

My new office attire..tadaa~~~

Hahaha. Bought on9 also.

Tudung : BIG Wardrobe

Vest & Blaus : GetGorgeous
Shoes : GOSH Boutique

Mekap : Elianto

waa....nak bli kat Old Blossom Box...tp internet xde kat umah. waa!!

Untuk Peah Hunny - Resipi Asam Pedas Muar

Bahan untuk dikisar

Lada kering
Bwg merah – lg byk lg sdap
Bwg putih

Bahan B

Daun kesom (beberapa helai)
Bunga kantan
Asam jawa
Asam keeping (tanak pon xpe)
Ikan mayong / kembung / ape2 je

Mcm bese, tumis dulu bhn yg dikisar. Bila dah naik bau, tambahkan air sedikit demi sedikit. Pastikan api perlahan. Perlu diingat. Lagi lama masak lg best. Biar bahan mesra. Pastu masukkan bahan B satu2. Bile dah macam nak mendidih, masukkan ikan. Tutup periuk utk lagi sedap. Hehe.
Tu je..sgt senang dan sedap.

*kalo gune ikan pari, campurkan sedikit lada hitam dalam bhn yg dikisar utk kurangkan bau hanyir. Kalo xde gune serai pn bleh*

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Holiday Blues

Whoaa~~ Not feeling well...

Today..got to go to work.. After a long holiday. Cuti kali ni sgt2 bermakna n best. Nanti nak msukkan dlm blog la. But all da photos was accidently deleted by my cousin. Waaa!! Sgt2 tensyen. N akhirnyer die dimarahi oleh kakak sepupu dia. Haaaa…mmg garang. Xpela..mende da delete.

Adui…rindu die sgt3…..

Bru dpt msg..i have to go to another client next week. Syabas.

Kak Yasmin gtaw Syabas best even keje die sgtla byk n lama…. About 1 month..huuu~ kat mane plak syabas ye? Sape2 intern dkt2 syabas? hehe

Friday, December 26, 2008

Oh, no, no, no, no, no...
When you feel it in your bodyYou found somebody who makes you change your ways
Like hanging with your crew
Said you act like you're readyBut you don't really know
And everything in your past - you wanna let it go
I've been there, done it, humped aroundAfter all that - this is what I found
Nobody wants to be aloneIf you're touched by the words in this song

Then baby...
U got, u got it bad
When you're on the phone
Hang up and you call right back
U got, u got it badIf you miss a day without your friend
Your whole life's off track
You know you got it bad when you're stuck in the house
You don't wanna have funIt's all you think about
U got it bad when you're out with someone
But you keep on thinkin' bout somebody else
U got it bad
When you say that you love 'em
And you really know
Everything that used to matter, don't matter no more
Like my money, all my cars(You can have it all back)
Flowers, cards and candy(I do it just cause I'm...)
Said I'm fortunate to have you girl
I want you to knowI really adore you
All my people who know what's going on
Look at your mate, help me sing my song
Fallas I'm your man, you're my girlI'm gonna tell it to the whole wide world
Ladies say I'm your girl, you're my man
Promise to love you the best I can
See I've been there, done it, walk around
After all that - this is what I found
Everyone of y'all are just like me
It's too bad that you can't see
That you got it bad...hey
U got, u got it bad
When you're on the phone
Hang up and you call right backU got, u got it bad
If you miss a day without your friend
Your whole life's off track
You know you got it bad when you're stuck in the house
You don't wanna have funIt's all you think about
U got it bad when you're out with someone
But you keep on thinkin' bout somebody else
U got it bad

**love diz song**

Sweet Gifts~

Comel!! We hang out at KLCC...nothing 2 do. No movie. Huhu. Cannot lepaking at Starbuck... bcoz it was full~ n no window shopping. Coz my foot was aching like hell. hehe. sori dear.. but he was sooo patient with me n bought diz 4 me.. whee~ luv it soo much. n luv u so much too :)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Me and my stuffs

I have to travel a lot... And i dun reli have an "office". hehe. no la..of coz i got desk in my office..but i dun reli at my place. i will be in office about once a week... so... i have to carry my stuffs here n there wif my huge backpack bag..

New Office Shoes...

i bought diz shoes on9...hehe.

diz is the shoes on me. i love it and very comfortable even though i have 2 carry BIG and HEAVY bag on my shoulders. 3.5 inches..make me look higher:p



Sengal. Hahaha. Reli make me laugh at early in the morning. Haih~ ur sooo sweet...datz y i love u :)


Whoaa…. Reli2 long time I haven’t write on diz blog..here I come again… going out station.. no internet access in client’s place..

Anyway, last weekend was reli a joyous moment for me since I stayed in kl. Last weekend, my cousin, Abg Joy married! Hehe. Same date as Mawi and Ekin.. Alhamdulillah. I had a reli great moment.. almost all my family came. And of coz my relatives at father’s side are so hilarious. They alwez have smthng 2 share and we laugh.. on Friday, I met Abg Ujai at Times square. Then my family came and fetch me at Titiwangsa monorail. I dunno..i feel so touched during dat time. Hehe.

For the first time, I think my internship “tak best”. Huk3. Why is that? Erm. For the time being I enjoy very much with my works. But I think, for the next few weeks I will feel bored. Seriously. I just realize that I am gonna do the same thing…but for different clients… OMG! I dun want diz…I want challenge…different and non-routine job.. yes2…I noe…I will go to different clients, different system and different people.. but still..i am doing the same thing..ITGC, application control..blablabla. Waaaa!!!

To be honest, I dun think EY is the best place for Industrial Training but for vacation trainee yes… I dun blame EY…I am the first student from UTP. And most of the interns only have 3 months period. I am the longest. So, they haven’t do any policy to cater this kind of internship yet… See…for 8 months I am not entitled to have any leaves…
And I reli have problem to submit the confirmation of host company and training schedule. I don’t even have a permanent supervisor…every week I will get different senior. Every month I will get different manager. No one takes care of me here. T_T

But I do not say EY is not good. It is a good place to go intern. But I have some difficulties as this is their first time. Hehe. Its ok. I will ensure I will bring a lot of utpian in EY and bring changes. Hahaaha. Cewah! I want to break the oversea students conquer. Yay! Go utp! Haha.


This week I have to go to Progressive… This time I got more responsibilities.
Hmm…I don’t know what’s wrong with me.. I feel confused… Huhu. I don’t know… Dunno how to describe this feelings. I dunno wut to expect…what to hope. I jz want to follow the flows. Anyone doesn’t do any wrong. Its just me. My feelings… What I want now just to be alone. Enjoy myself..even it is just myself. And try to get the “sparks” again.

Confused? Ya….im even confused

Anyway im hepi wif my life so far. More to come! Surprisingly a lot of “old frenz” came back..a lot of meetings! Hehe.

Ok rahmah! Get back to work.

Friday, December 12, 2008


today i am not feeling well....got headache...

i'm doing 2 projects now...OSK n Progressive... but today afta training i do not really have much work to do..jz help Eva da small2 things...

omg....i feel lonely here..everyone is sooo nice... but i still feel lonely... im having diz feeling whenever i get back to office... when im in client site... im ok..maybe coz a lot of works 2 do..

yay!! 2morrow holiday..have few plans...going out...visit my "anak sedara"... waaa~ luv babies...

OSK again~

Today is the last day doing auditing in OSK. I have to kick my ass to work harder today. Hehe. Yay! I manage to finish the ITGC Procedure before lunch. I have to say this…my work involves a lot of travelling. I tell u.. a lot! And then see a lot of people. I need to becareful with my words, my attire and also to be a good listener. I love this job very much. Previously, when I was a public relations exco, I need to see a lot of ppl. Alhamdulillah I think I can carry out this job very well.. just…sometimes I feel nervous. Ya laa.. I have to see managers, assistant manager, director n blablabla. My only problem is misinterpretation n sometime I forgot to ask few things I need to ask them. Omg!! Truknyer saye~ hehe. Ha…one more prob…I dunno how I can survive wif diz.im very bad wif direction..erm I mean coordination. Ok..see..i need to go different places…different offices, diiferent levels. I tell u it is a nightmare! Ok. When I reach a place…I dunno how to exit. Or I jz be an alien there…searching for the rite location. Wawawawa! Very malu… EY Personnel go around client’s office searching where to go… adui. I think diz is my largest weakness… or if I take a train..for sure I will go to wrong place or exit at the wrong place… huhu. End up I walk, walk, and walk…. Very tiring….

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Client oh client~

Today got to go to OSK Holdings again. Today is our last day. I'm with Eva..my senior. Adui... got to do the weekly report. Every project I got different senior...so...i cannot delay my report. If not, I will be in trouble finding all of them..

Hmm...my work involves a lot of travelling.. quite interesting..but also have its cons.. i reli dun want 2 drive here in KL.. but how? wawawawa. dun wanna think....

orait today have to do ITGC. have 2 finish all.. yesterday i manage 2 settle all the ITGC in one day. hehe. now my target i want to finish off b4 lunch so that i can take extra lunch hour :P

owh..owh...weekend ni nak watpe ek? anyone who want to watch movie? Lana txt me last nite n ask me to watch chihuahua. well gurls, anyone? (gurls only :P)

p/s : i'm thinking to stay over my frens house at wangsa maju.. hehe. can x dear? :P

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Go to Client~

Today I have to go to Progressive Insurance. My senior said it is located at Times Square area. Woah…everyday have to meet new people. I will join the meeting tomorrow. Gotta read all the documents given. I tell u it’s a stack of file L

My friends here are very2 nice. Seriously.. still I feel lonely. Huhu. Last nite jz got msg from Lawrence

“Hi guys, stressing out over work yet? Haha…anyway I messaged to ask everyone what is your current assignment (which company), where are you posted (kl? Ey office?) Any days will u be left alone by your senior and when…Message] me back ya! Makes it easy for meeting up lunch dinnermovie etc..Thanks!!”

Nice right? Our jobs are spread all over KL or Malaysia or Far East Area. Hehe. Always on the go… at client side… everywhere. But they do keep in touch. And care for each other..i mean.. whenever I need help they wont hesitate to help me. Im very glad to be wif them.

Thanks dear!!

today i set a "meeting" wif my "beloved" ex-mr. president = Syahmi. weee~~ long time ago he promised me to belanja me. hehe. (suddenly teringat balik mase zaman jd student representative.hehe)

yay! do a site visit again tomorrow. ya la..bcoz i alwez go to client. i nak makan puas2~~~

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Buzy plus Down Day

huu..dunno y im reli down today. suddenly i feel empty n start to feel lonely..yes..i don't have friends here.. T_T..

even though they r soo nice 2 me...but i feel smthng is missing..seriusly im sad...

hmm...i got new job... meanwhile i jz helping yasmin wif ACL things. I rather do extra jobs rather sitting n doing nothing..

eat chocs... n try 2 recover..waa!! im missing everyone..my family n my frenz... waaa~~!!

nway...my name here is SITI..hehe. have to change my identity...haha. no la...since here majority of dem r chinese..so they have difficulties to pronounce my name.."RAHMAH"..so i have to change. i dun want ppl here 2 call wrong name :P

nway, maybe i've worked too hard..my senior ask me to go back..hehe. tata~!

Raya Haji..whee~

**my beloved sis n bro**

**my beloved mama~**

***loadssss of foods**
my holiday is soo short. but thank God i manage to go back JB. Long time since the last time I went back...rindu!! hehe. i cook soto ayam!! yay!! deliciouss... afta diz i can cook again.
hmm...have to get back to work T_T
anyway...everytime we wanna go somewhere, i have to drive...i tell u it was tiring! hehe. ya la...every time kene mrh..hehe.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Chill wif best gurls~ whee~~

***hepi faces...seee.... :P***

go out for lunch wif my bestgurl~~ whheee~~~

ok..afta diz..tell your office location. if i go to client that near to ur office 4 sure i drop by. hahaha.
i will do da site visit :P

Meet my senior~ At last!

Yes!! Finally my senior, Eva contact me. While im helping around my colleagues with ACL, Kak Maria calls out my name. Ouh. What happened aa? I reli2 scare. Ya laa… I haven’t report 2 my senior yet. I’ve tried everything I cud 2 reach her.

Den, she contacts me. She said we r going 2 go to client side. Whee~~ yay!! I’ve got work 2 do n im going 2 client!! Whee~~

The client is OSK Investment Bank (haven’t heard b4 but I have 2 pretend like I know. :P) It’s a public listed company..yes. it’s a big company. It was raining so so so heavily suddenly. Huhu. Regret wearing bju kurung wif kain tbelah…hehe. Eva fetch me up. Den 4 da 1st tyme I meet Eva..yes. she’s sooo pretty. So fair. Gorgeous. Hehe. Driving a vios. Wow! She’s so nice. Telling me wut 2 do.

OSK is jz beside Ampang Park. I have 2 do some readings. I tell u here. As an intern we have 2 learn fast n try 2 adapt. Dun be shy 2 ask. Eva is sooo helpful.

Then, she asks me to call certain people in OSK to get few documents from them. Omg! My heart suddenly stops beating. Haha. Ya la…jz officially 1st day working n have 2 call client who r high position. But I have 2 comfort myself.. “Rahmah, last tyme during Convo I also had to call a lot of ppl..u can do it rahmah!!” so I jz do it la.. wow. I reli hepi bcoz Eva treats me like a normal staff n guding me. Then I go with her..n she introduces me to the ppl in OSK.

I love my work. Meeting a lot of ppl n doing smthng I good at. I feel honored as I am given trust 2 handle some documents. I hope I learn loads of things here. I will do the best not 4 da sake of my GPA only bt it is 4 future career dvlpmt. I want utilize my time here in ENY to da fullest. I dun mind working like craze instead of doing nothing n get free allowance.

Tomorrow loads of works r coming! I have 2 b prepared n fresh. I reli hope I do not burden anyone in EY. Ya laa..diz time is super duper peak time 4 dem. Reli can see they’re working reli hard. Yes!! Semangat!! ;)

**eat alone at Ali Maju T_T**

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Boring Day

Today is thursday. ehehe. few days as an intern. adui! today i reli hope my senior, eva contact me to give works. I really2 feel guilty staying in office and blogging.
hmm..i reli want 2 b a volunteer in EY Entrepreneurship Award. How aa?? huhu.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Shameful Moment :(

2nd day at eny...second day. still orientation. get more n more password. im dizzy~ hehe. get security id which changing every 5 seconds (i guess) T_T

second day is like in lab. configuring everything... get more frenz from uitm. waaa~~ im consider young? omg!! hehe. they are like 22 n above. n im 20... huhu.


afta work i go to One Utama wif my besfren Lana. hehe. waa. kind of missing her. hehe. when we met, we like..wow! one from KPMG and one from Ernst & Young. haha. I am carrying laptop with me... it is very heavy. with my biz suit n high heels with laptop, we go shopping..omg!

afta finish shopping, lana's family send me home. waaa!! diz is the shameful moment. their family is like wanna rush. n im still blur with the direction 2 my auntie's house.

n when we near to my auntie's house, i ask them 2 stop n pretend like i found the house which is obviously not...huhu. n consequently, i had 2 walk about half an hour to find the house...waaa!! its late at nite. dark. my phone is dead n im all alone. im sooo scared. i dunno wut 2 do. like wanna cry...

so i jz walk n walk until i find a shop. i ask them. luckily they know. omg. with high heels n laptops. im sooo terribly exhausted.

ooowwhhh i take more pics..hehe

First Day

My first day at office. wearing old blossom box teal blouse (love it!) n pink shawl. yes...im nervous n very3 excited. im sooo weak in geo. haha. 1st day i lost in lift.hahaa.

first impression here...the internship programme here is very good n well organized. y i said so?

they give me a manual for intern...what 2 expect, our roles n our opportunities.

ample orientation. yay!! got a lot of frenzzzz...a lot!! haha. diz is bcoz there r about 70++ interns.

Most of dem r from aussie...(studying there) and majority are chinese. i like diz environment. reli2 different from utp and i can expand my perspectives.

when i look at the agenda... collection of access card/laptop. whhhee~~ i got laptop!! yippeee..hehe.

i tell u..diz is reli a new environment. b4 diz, in utp i have 2 noe some of petronas core biz. now i have 2 now eny core biz which is accounting. yes..im an "alien" there. i think i am da only person who's nt taking accounting. hehe. n of coz im da only 1 who intern here until 8 months.... :(

well...i love 1st day... a lot of password.. haha. n i recognize a lot of KM principle here. knowledge sharing policy, learning map n blablabla. yes..its a learning organization btw.

1st time met ms. jocelyn. she is v.nice and pretty.

well i hope i can contribute something here. eny!! i cannot wait 2 start. :P

btw, my department is AABS RaBS TSRS

wow...wut is dat? haha. AABS - Associate Advisory Business Services

RaBS - Risk and Business Solutions

TSRS - Technology Security and Risk Services

Blur as an intern~ :P

Today is my 3rd day at E&Y... today i reli2 blur as a lot to learn.. yet i am too sleepy to digest all the new software introduced 2 me jz now. Well until now i like 2 b here. even i am an alien here. haha.

i will meet my bf afta work..yay!!

n suddenly my cousin text me "kaklong balik kol brape? abg anep dtg amek"

wahaahha!! such a surprise!! y?? bcoz he is toooo lazy to fetch me up. always say " g la naik bus"

wow!! hmm...y sudden change r? maybe my dad told him about my "lost" last nite. waaa!! very3 malu!! huhu.

2day i come to office my body aches. aduiii.....n sgt2 sleepy. T_T

datz y im blur today...

hmmm...every1 so bz doing smthng...i do nothing. i do not see my senior (sv) yet. But i see 1 alredi. she's very nice n young n cool.hehe. hope she's not garang.

huuu~~ i reli hope dat i can develop my potential here. yes2. i want 2 start now! haha. unluckily my senior is outstation. she said soon i will be v.busy n go to client side. yay! travelling!!

well..i reli like it here ( 4 da time being la). all my officemates r v.friendly n helpful. we all like so blur n share info 2gether...isnt dat sweet? haha.

some of my officemates - lawrence, harvey, nicole, juanne, lee, chey n more more. cannot remember all names. da most touching part they search 4 me to lunch 2gether. haha. i think i will enjoy working here. i have 2 senior...1 of dem i already met... ms. cheng.