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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Blur as an intern~ :P

Today is my 3rd day at E&Y... today i reli2 blur as a lot to learn.. yet i am too sleepy to digest all the new software introduced 2 me jz now. Well until now i like 2 b here. even i am an alien here. haha.

i will meet my bf afta work..yay!!

n suddenly my cousin text me "kaklong balik kol brape? abg anep dtg amek"

wahaahha!! such a surprise!! y?? bcoz he is toooo lazy to fetch me up. always say " g la naik bus"

wow!! hmm...y sudden change r? maybe my dad told him about my "lost" last nite. waaa!! very3 malu!! huhu.

2day i come to office my body aches. aduiii.....n sgt2 sleepy. T_T

datz y im blur today...

hmmm...every1 so bz doing smthng...i do nothing. i do not see my senior (sv) yet. But i see 1 alredi. she's very nice n young n cool.hehe. hope she's not garang.

huuu~~ i reli hope dat i can develop my potential here. yes2. i want 2 start now! haha. unluckily my senior is outstation. she said soon i will be v.busy n go to client side. yay! travelling!!

well..i reli like it here ( 4 da time being la). all my officemates r v.friendly n helpful. we all like so blur n share info 2gether...isnt dat sweet? haha.

some of my officemates - lawrence, harvey, nicole, juanne, lee, chey n more more. cannot remember all names. da most touching part they search 4 me to lunch 2gether. haha. i think i will enjoy working here. i have 2 senior...1 of dem i already met... ms. cheng.

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