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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Buzy plus Down Day

huu..dunno y im reli down today. suddenly i feel empty n start to feel lonely..yes..i don't have friends here.. T_T..

even though they r soo nice 2 me...but i feel smthng is missing..seriusly im sad...

hmm...i got new job... meanwhile i jz helping yasmin wif ACL things. I rather do extra jobs rather sitting n doing nothing..

eat chocs... n try 2 recover..waa!! im missing everyone..my family n my frenz... waaa~~!!

nway...my name here is SITI..hehe. have to change my identity...haha. no la...since here majority of dem r chinese..so they have difficulties to pronounce my name.."RAHMAH"..so i have to change. i dun want ppl here 2 call wrong name :P

nway, maybe i've worked too hard..my senior ask me to go back..hehe. tata~!

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