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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Client oh client~

Today got to go to OSK Holdings again. Today is our last day. I'm with Eva..my senior. Adui... got to do the weekly report. Every project I got different senior...so...i cannot delay my report. If not, I will be in trouble finding all of them..

Hmm...my work involves a lot of travelling.. quite interesting..but also have its cons.. i reli dun want 2 drive here in KL.. but how? wawawawa. dun wanna think....

orait today have to do ITGC. have 2 finish all.. yesterday i manage 2 settle all the ITGC in one day. hehe. now my target i want to finish off b4 lunch so that i can take extra lunch hour :P

owh..owh...weekend ni nak watpe ek? anyone who want to watch movie? Lana txt me last nite n ask me to watch chihuahua. well gurls, anyone? (gurls only :P)

p/s : i'm thinking to stay over my frens house at wangsa maju.. hehe. can x dear? :P

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