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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

First Day

My first day at office. wearing old blossom box teal blouse (love it!) n pink shawl. yes...im nervous n very3 excited. im sooo weak in geo. haha. 1st day i lost in lift.hahaa.

first impression here...the internship programme here is very good n well organized. y i said so?

they give me a manual for intern...what 2 expect, our roles n our opportunities.

ample orientation. yay!! got a lot of frenzzzz...a lot!! haha. diz is bcoz there r about 70++ interns.

Most of dem r from aussie...(studying there) and majority are chinese. i like diz environment. reli2 different from utp and i can expand my perspectives.

when i look at the agenda... collection of access card/laptop. whhhee~~ i got laptop!! yippeee..hehe.

i tell u..diz is reli a new environment. b4 diz, in utp i have 2 noe some of petronas core biz. now i have 2 now eny core biz which is accounting. yes..im an "alien" there. i think i am da only person who's nt taking accounting. hehe. n of coz im da only 1 who intern here until 8 months.... :(

well...i love 1st day... a lot of password.. haha. n i recognize a lot of KM principle here. knowledge sharing policy, learning map n blablabla. yes..its a learning organization btw.

1st time met ms. jocelyn. she is v.nice and pretty.

well i hope i can contribute something here. eny!! i cannot wait 2 start. :P

btw, my department is AABS RaBS TSRS

wow...wut is dat? haha. AABS - Associate Advisory Business Services

RaBS - Risk and Business Solutions

TSRS - Technology Security and Risk Services

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