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Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Whoaa…. Reli2 long time I haven’t write on diz blog..here I come again… going out station.. no internet access in client’s place..

Anyway, last weekend was reli a joyous moment for me since I stayed in kl. Last weekend, my cousin, Abg Joy married! Hehe. Same date as Mawi and Ekin.. Alhamdulillah. I had a reli great moment.. almost all my family came. And of coz my relatives at father’s side are so hilarious. They alwez have smthng 2 share and we laugh.. on Friday, I met Abg Ujai at Times square. Then my family came and fetch me at Titiwangsa monorail. I dunno..i feel so touched during dat time. Hehe.

For the first time, I think my internship “tak best”. Huk3. Why is that? Erm. For the time being I enjoy very much with my works. But I think, for the next few weeks I will feel bored. Seriously. I just realize that I am gonna do the same thing…but for different clients… OMG! I dun want diz…I want challenge…different and non-routine job.. yes2…I noe…I will go to different clients, different system and different people.. but still..i am doing the same thing..ITGC, application control..blablabla. Waaaa!!!

To be honest, I dun think EY is the best place for Industrial Training but for vacation trainee yes… I dun blame EY…I am the first student from UTP. And most of the interns only have 3 months period. I am the longest. So, they haven’t do any policy to cater this kind of internship yet… See…for 8 months I am not entitled to have any leaves…
And I reli have problem to submit the confirmation of host company and training schedule. I don’t even have a permanent supervisor…every week I will get different senior. Every month I will get different manager. No one takes care of me here. T_T

But I do not say EY is not good. It is a good place to go intern. But I have some difficulties as this is their first time. Hehe. Its ok. I will ensure I will bring a lot of utpian in EY and bring changes. Hahaaha. Cewah! I want to break the oversea students conquer. Yay! Go utp! Haha.


Anonymous said...

u go girl! huhu~

Anonymous said...

uhuk2..aku pun rahmah..intern tak penah best la i think..=(

Orkid said...

---> dok kt utp lg best. haha. tp okla kalo g klien. yg best pn intern ni tiap2 hr leh mlawe tnpa ragu. hehe. tu je. period.