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Friday, April 29, 2011

Working Life

***This post was longggggg due..it was kept in draft for lonnnggg time. But since a lot of ppl emails/bbm/txt me regarding this, i decided to share. this is just for sharing***

A lot of ppl asked me...

What its like working with Shell?


Some pics I wanna share during mini conference I conducted (This is my part time job, not a daily task)

During today's engagement with students, I didn't share pics of my working life in Shell.

This is just a bit of what I have done as part of my job here.

Since I was in school I really like to handle events. Alhamdulillah here they also trust me to handle conference. I had organized few events in my company actually. This is my passion I guess. I dont like sport so this is the "substitute" for sport hehehe.

The pic below is my Programme Manager for East. I respect him a lot! He is a very experienced manager :)

And this handsome guy is my Project manager. I also admired him (professionally :P). Also admired his Audi Q5 (kot)? hahahaa. He is a rich PM!

I really adore his patience, stakeholder management skills and etc. He really taught me a lot and still teach me a lot until now and then. Of coz sometimes I become a bit pampered hahaa.

And I think he knows me a lot. Ohhhh btw im the only lady in our project. So I think that is the strong reason he takes care of me very well :P

So during the conference we did a lot of knowledge sharing, presentations, team building exercises and also recognition.

Our team is growing and growing...from less than 5 ppl at first now become 30++ and growing. It's a part of Grow East Initiative - meaning that some of the projects in West transitioned to East.

For the recognition, about 8 of us received award :)

(Malu bila Global Manager beri description about my achievement)

This is my beloved Global Manager, he is from US. He is very, very nice, supportive and really trust me (since I am the youngest staff under him). I am quiet close with him and I am really inspired by him. His position is sought after and he is such an energetic leader! Owh Ed, please take me to US. Please! :p

The environment in Shell is very very supportive and I was shocked at first when Ed (high position in our program) asked for my ideas and feedbacks. he asked me to comment his work and my insights how can I improve the program (program comprising hundreds projects under it).

So actually I contributed by implementing "small" Knowledge Management Inititiative to the Program. Since I have background in KM.

After that we then went to Cyberview Lodge to have some fun. Work hard, play hard!

I conducted team exercise. It was a very fun session! I bullied all my buddy and superiors! heehhee.

Balloon couch game! Thanks to housemate for such a brilliant idea!

Then we had quarterly birthday celebration.

(One of the group)

Owh yaaaa u can see most of us wear jeans! hehee. Sempoi! But we are still at top quartile performance :P

So this is a bit of my work here.

- We are global company, so we have the chance to deal with diff stakeholders globally

- That explains why I always have night calls

- We really rely heavily on virtual working - cost effective, no need to travel as much

- Believe it or not majority of my project teams are not Shell staff; they are contractors but we mingle very well; i dont feel any difference!

So to my frens who still have interest to work in Shell (less than 3 years working experience), pls apply as Shell's recruitment target for this year is IT. Grab this opportunity.

P/S: I will be there during the walk in interview on 7th and 8th as part of Shell Ambassador :)

What am I getting of promoting this? None. I just love to share good stuffs.

P/P/S: I know i get too comfortable now with my position. Therefore I have decided to change my job in October. Stretch myself as much as I can insyaAllah.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Monday, April 25, 2011

Today Is Not A Fairytale..

Minggu ni jadi 3 hari je,
Kames ada conference, Jumaat cuti.

Balik jb...alhamdulillah :)

I really hate driving to Shell House. Need to get up early and meredah jem...

Pagi2 baru teringat duit dlm wallet ada rm3 je...Macam mana nak bayar tol nanti?

So nak pegi la withdraw duit kat Shell station. Punyalaa ramai org beratur sbb ATM lagi rosak.

tunggu punya la tunggu pastu sampai part cik orkid....rosaklah pulakkk. "Shit" dalam hati.

Try calm down sebab pagi2 kan. Kang the whole day rosak.

So pegi next Shell station. Alhamdulillah ada. pastu nak isi touch n go. Rupa2nya ada rm20 balance. Sakgi tertekan rm50 lagi. Haih kopak2. Dahla nak saving afta shopping bagai nak rak semalam.

Sampai Shell House gi park kat luar. Murah sikit kot.

Then gi meeting yg berjam2...
Balik pukul 5pm sebab xnak jem...

Balik2 masa nak bayar....India tu gtaw harga...rm42. Gila!!!!!
Sejam rm6. Haih macam valet parking! Padahal tepi jalan.

Positif lagi...ni la rasanya bila Ojan kena bayar parking mahal2...

Then balik sesat pulakkk.. aiyak. padahal dah berpuluh kali gi SH.
Fine baby fine.

Harini memang tak berapa best, tapi kerja siap alhamdulillah. I need to brush up my BA skills. Haih rasa guilty sgt sebab tak pick up skills very quickly. But i have a very supportive PM :)

Dan..harini saya dapat a very good news, but tenggelam dek busy tapi tak hepi sgt. Bila kat umah baru hepi balik! ahahaha. Alhamdulillah..my little something has been approved :)

So memang everyday takkan perfect and I always have bad days. Believe me sume org akan rasa mcm tu. rasa down, rasa boring, rasa give up. Its normal, tapi kena pandai kontrol so dat aura positif dtg balik. I think Im good at forgetting bad things :)

P/S: Sangat terharu dgn Ojan coz sanggup sacrifice utk myself. Thanks a lot! U are my hero, as always!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

IT Graduate Wanted in Shell

Hi all,

Shell is organising a Walk-in interview for IT graduates.

Date : 7th & 8th May 2011 (Saturday & Sunday)
Time : 9:00am – 3:00pm
Venue : Shell House, Changkat Semantan, Damansara Heights, 50490 Kuala Lumpur

Sorry for the very low quality pic...you can find the advertisement that will be published in Star newspaper.

If you are an enthusiastic person, not afraid of challenges and love global exposure with very good benefit, please join us :)

P/S: Don't forget to quote my name Siti Nur' Rahmah bte Muhab Shah as referee :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I want..

1. I want to have lonnggggg session of steamboat buffet. nyum2.

2. I want Maysaa snood and long skirt...omaiii

3. I want Ipad

4. I want to go to China

5. I want a very very very nice designer dress
**picture not included as it is in my imagination** hehee

Lets see can i make it this year. hehee

Monday, April 18, 2011

Friends :)

2 minggu berturut2 okay gi berendam... last week kat Sunway and last wiken kat Gambang.

So sorry i have been soo busy with work (boooo) I wanted to write about my girl's trip to Sunway.. To keep things short and simple (:p) u can go here and here

Tapi tak sempat gosip banyak2 hahaa. Its really good to see each one of them are doing the best in their career. Meletup2 noxx! Next: trip to Nisah's wedding k :)

Last weekend another blast! I went to Kuantan. It is just a random thought actually. Rindu diorang especially Syuhada. Tambah2 stress kerja. So sabtu tu kami pegi berendam kat gambang waterpark. Jumpa dengan my old friends, 8 tahun dah meninggalkan zaman sekolah. And..masa tu terjumpa our teacher heehehe. Dia masih ingat saya! (of coz mencapap je keje kat sekolah)

I used to study in Kuantan until Form 3, before moving out to JB. School friends always awesome! Kami memang sangat gila dan sengal masa dulu (siapa yg tak kan?) and i'm glad that we still the same! ahahahaha. we still laughed out loud on our jokes. Silly silly jokes. We still repeating our "own" words. Ahhhh school days always good.

Even saya ni sangat garang ok! tapi they still accept me as their frens, respect my behavior when im on duty but we still chillin' out.

All of us ada names taw! Even tak appropriate pon but no ones really take it to the heart. Last weekend i just learned UNO! (Ketinggalan macam siput)and know what is PATD. Sila like page ini ahahahhaa

Rasa sangat "secure" dan "relax" bila dgn diorg sebab they know our true colors. I dont need to be someone else. Seronok sgt ketawa gila gila. Thanks friends!!

PS: Dua minggu tak spend time with my B. Adui sorry dear. I really need this. Nanti I pay back k hehee

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

8 months

I still think that I'm in industrial training..

Few days to go for my 8th month annivesary..

Counting days eh? Not like u can escape anywhere.

Anyway, works always good. Yeahh "good".

Today during meeting, one of the seniors said to me

"Sorry Siti, we give you the most complicated and hardest task to u, and nothing we can do to help u much on this"


Ohhhh after I stuck and I feel weird why a lot lot issues, thousands meeting, thousands hours spent, they admit it is a painful task.

Why when I was offered this task everything like soooo simple sooo uh-ah good. Blergh...i need to do this anyway..so just bear with my complaints.

When I complaint to my bf, he replied "Ask your PM laa"

"Ohhh how I wish I could do the simple as that"

Not a bad idea actually, but of coz I did ask him....but no one really knows and as I involve more in this task...im the one who knows better..

Oprah gave me a better advice tho. She said

"You are here to do something you are uniquely created for. No one else can do it like u can, that's why you're here" Thanks Oprah!!

At the end of the day: I went back very early, take a nap, shower, solat, get some desserts and get back to work! Good luck everyone!!

Monday, April 4, 2011


Ramai kawan2 kat sekeliling yg LDR

I am very lucky that I'm not..

Guess that I am not put into that test coz im simply very weak. Yeah..just simply thinking about that can make me cry :(

When I heard this song...I imagine myself hahahaa. n i cried!

Yes...we fight

Yes..I cried randomly

Yes..I missed him even he is near me

Yes..I need him

To all my friends who currently in LDR. Be strong. I am very impressed of each of you.

You inspired me :)

Don't You Wanna Stay

I really hate to let this moment go,

touching your skin and your hair falling slow,

When a goodbye kiss, feels like this

Don't you wanna stay here a little while,

Don't you wanna hold each other tight,

Don't you wanna fall asleep with me tonight,

Don't you wanna stay here a little while,

We can make forever feel this way,

Don't you wanna stay

Let's take it slow I don't want to move to fast,

I Don't wanna just make love,

I wanna make love last,

When your off this cab,

It's a sad goodbye.......

P/S: Hope you are doing great. You can do it b! You can do it..believe me :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kenapa oh Kenapa?

Kenapa takde online shopping utk grocery? Klik2 je pastu ada delivery at your doorstep? Kenapa takde delivery utk makanan yang bukan fast food? Bayangkan tgh lapar senang2 je boleh order nasi goreng paprik pastu orang hantarkan. Ohhhhh i really want to setup that kind of biznes. peah! mari collaborate! PS: Tgh mood super malas nak keluar. I think most of us pon mcm tu. Nak kena drive lagi, nak kena parking, nak kena beratur. Esp if you are alone...sumpah malas!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy today!

It's friday..fridayy

hahahaa funny how Rebecca changed our friday.

Today I am very happy, ouh this week a pretty good week for me.

Apart from work work work. Peah has initiated a chain mail! N being a BB user, I feel like a gossip girl already. Planning for girls outing..laughing each other out

Ouhh i really need a good vacation badly!

I missed my uni girls... (just mention few names)...tirah, peah, sur, aimi, nisah, zet, nita, farah, dyla, saf, etc. I really do!

Then, today I also had quick chat with girls I met during Shell life training. We mat for the first time there and suddenly we were so click! The philipino girls are crazy n cute! hahhahaa. We went out for dinner at "high class" area (using our corporate card ehem) and of course, goossip! And tammy made an initiative to use conference call and we update each other. I feel sooo refresh n we planned few outings.

Ohhh i really want to enjoy my single time (with some money in pocket) before attached with someone! ahahaaa.

Since we have friends at Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, East Malaysia...we planned to visit them.


April - Nexus conference. Will meet few Shell life friends here!
May - KL outing as our fren in Philly will come here for training. and ouh..nisah's wedding!
July - Krabi trip with girlfriends!
August - Singapore
Dec - I want to go Bali/Bandung --still thinking abt it
Jan - Brunei for wedding

and somewhere in between go to Kuantan; for relaxing session...thinking of staying at a hotel near the beach and chill out with the other girl who always made my day :)

Heyyy she just created new blog..so pretty pls go to her blog here