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Monday, April 18, 2011

Friends :)

2 minggu berturut2 okay gi berendam... last week kat Sunway and last wiken kat Gambang.

So sorry i have been soo busy with work (boooo) I wanted to write about my girl's trip to Sunway.. To keep things short and simple (:p) u can go here and here

Tapi tak sempat gosip banyak2 hahaa. Its really good to see each one of them are doing the best in their career. Meletup2 noxx! Next: trip to Nisah's wedding k :)

Last weekend another blast! I went to Kuantan. It is just a random thought actually. Rindu diorang especially Syuhada. Tambah2 stress kerja. So sabtu tu kami pegi berendam kat gambang waterpark. Jumpa dengan my old friends, 8 tahun dah meninggalkan zaman sekolah. And..masa tu terjumpa our teacher heehehe. Dia masih ingat saya! (of coz mencapap je keje kat sekolah)

I used to study in Kuantan until Form 3, before moving out to JB. School friends always awesome! Kami memang sangat gila dan sengal masa dulu (siapa yg tak kan?) and i'm glad that we still the same! ahahahaha. we still laughed out loud on our jokes. Silly silly jokes. We still repeating our "own" words. Ahhhh school days always good.

Even saya ni sangat garang ok! tapi they still accept me as their frens, respect my behavior when im on duty but we still chillin' out.

All of us ada names taw! Even tak appropriate pon but no ones really take it to the heart. Last weekend i just learned UNO! (Ketinggalan macam siput)and know what is PATD. Sila like page ini ahahahhaa

Rasa sangat "secure" dan "relax" bila dgn diorg sebab they know our true colors. I dont need to be someone else. Seronok sgt ketawa gila gila. Thanks friends!!

PS: Dua minggu tak spend time with my B. Adui sorry dear. I really need this. Nanti I pay back k hehee

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