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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

8 months

I still think that I'm in industrial training..

Few days to go for my 8th month annivesary..

Counting days eh? Not like u can escape anywhere.

Anyway, works always good. Yeahh "good".

Today during meeting, one of the seniors said to me

"Sorry Siti, we give you the most complicated and hardest task to u, and nothing we can do to help u much on this"


Ohhhh after I stuck and I feel weird why a lot lot issues, thousands meeting, thousands hours spent, they admit it is a painful task.

Why when I was offered this task everything like soooo simple sooo uh-ah good. Blergh...i need to do this anyway..so just bear with my complaints.

When I complaint to my bf, he replied "Ask your PM laa"

"Ohhh how I wish I could do the simple as that"

Not a bad idea actually, but of coz I did ask him....but no one really knows and as I involve more in this task...im the one who knows better..

Oprah gave me a better advice tho. She said

"You are here to do something you are uniquely created for. No one else can do it like u can, that's why you're here" Thanks Oprah!!

At the end of the day: I went back very early, take a nap, shower, solat, get some desserts and get back to work! Good luck everyone!!

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joe said...

My (unwelcomed) word of advice: when it comes to complicated task, YOU are second to none. dig deep. i mean, deeper.