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Thursday, January 29, 2009

My holiday was a blast!!

On Friday I went to Kuantan.. Y? I want to meet my old frenz. Some of dem I neva met since last 5 years. Y I so determined to go kuantan? Yes. I was born there n I hav a looooottt of frenz there.

N the most beloved, never jeles, never stabbed back fren. SYUHADA

I LOVE HER SOO MUCH. She is my bestest n closest fren since form 1. Act I knew her since primary school but we became close during secondary school. I stayed over her house. Omg. No words can explain how much I felt glad to see her.

She will fly this February. On 8th or 9th feb. I must go there. Meet her.

OK2. Done with that story. So I met with my old frenz from primary school and secondary school. Every1 has their owh path.

Im so stupid. So excited meeting dem until totally forgot to take pics. Sigh~

I met with

Syuhada- of coz
Hazwan – my old frenz from SMK Pandan
Bakhtiar - my old frenz from SMK Pandan
Hakim – my old frenz since standard 1. haha. I still remember since we were young ppl alwez gossiping us.
Zafirah – my old frenz from SK Pandan
Kak Dila – my other best3 kakak. I love her. So3 much
Azri-act he’s kak dila’s fren but I knew her coz we were prefects in smk pandan

As usual, I left Kuantan with my heart throbbing all over. Haha.


Now…move to our family vacation. TERENGGANU. Y Terengganu?? No3. Its not becoz of Ojan. Hahaaha.

Ayah had “re-union” with his old frenz with his fren since primary school. Uhhuu…

At first I felt boring. Old folks reunion. Hahaa. But I saw them were very cute. Omg. Cuba bygkan u all jumpe with ur school frenz n u old a bkedut, beruban dan sudah beranak pinak. Haha.. I think that’s cute. Serious!

comelkan? perjumpaan org2 tua. hahaa

We ol tido kat chalet tepi pantai. Ktorg adakan bbq. N the menu was sotong, udang n ikan. Yayyy!!! I love seafood n I sooo excited. N I was excited panggang2 those thing smpai tanak mkn walau dipaksa. Tapi.. bile start makan, I could not stop!! Haha.

udang kegemaranku...ni yg belum msak...

**tgk tu...muka org excited nak bakar. haha! bulat mata.

**wah~~~ sdapnyeee

ni kat Taman Tamadun Islam. Jakun main puzzle kat komputer. tp xdpt2 solve gak. haha

sape ni??? hahaa

**we r one hepi famili. sape tukang amek gmbar? jeng3!

**ni kat Pulau Duyong. tempat monsoon cup. sgt cntik tmpat die. Bleh plak terserempak dgn Muja n da geng kat c2. hehe

**ni kat kwsn homestay.

**konklusion : sgt2 hepi but i felt so sad coz my holiday is very short. huhu**

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Owh...sy rndu meeting. Serius. Kalo kat utp satu hari boleh up to 4-5 meetings in a day. Owh2~~ tolong2! rndu meeting.... rndu event... n most of all rndu UTP.. T.T

(i neva eva tot i will say diz..but its real)

Another hang out with Bestgurls?

Dear...ingat x kite pnah plan nak g sunway in february? jum cdg tarikh jum. I tried to reach Lana tp die xon9. Since scholar pn msuk nx week, kite g next week nak? 7th Feb. Isnin tu pn cuti. Jum2... sape2 ade mslh, gtaw k...

Friday, January 23, 2009


What is this? Yes. This is coffee. Y coffee? Hehe. Before intern, I rarely, very2 rarely drink coffee. When I start working, I wondered y all the seniors love drinking coffee… n now im like them. Coffee is a MUST everyday. A day without coffee meaning dat a sleepy day. Omg!! I read a lot of articles saying dat coffee is bad. How a? Waaa~!

Unsolved Problem.

Actually, this two weeks I got a big prob. I dunno how to handle it. I mean. Solve it. I dun want to depend on others if I can. Waa~! Plz! If I can solve this probz, I will work more commited, long hours and going anywhere. Yes. I like working and always being committed. But with diz prob, I must go back early. Huhu. Im sad. I reli2 need to solve this probz. I pray dat my prob will solve soon. Ameen.


Phone conversation with Asst. Manager
Me : Hi Cheng Lin. Siti here. Can I know which job I will attach to next week?
Cheng Lin : Are you done with Amway Vietnam
Me: Yes. I just want to let u know that I’m Available now. (Actually da almost one week available)
Cheng Lin: Owh. Next week we have few projects ongoing but most of the users are on holiday. I will let u know next week. Maybe u can go to client place
Me: OK2. Anyway, I want to help my friend at client’s place. Can a? But I wont charge anything
Cheng Lin: Can2.Sure2
Me: If u got anything for me tell ya
Cheng Lin: Ok2.

(Motip post ini : Tiada pape.haha. Sur suh tulis je pape mase bosan. So aku tulis la ni :P )

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Makanan & Duit

Sesungguhnye….aku mmg pokai skang. Mane tak nye. Stiap ari mkn tmpt mhal. Waaa! Sampai muak taw! Lunch kat secret recipe, chilis, domes, ape lg ntah name kafe. Yg pnting mmg mkanan yg mhal n aku mmg xsuke!! Msti ttanya. Awat g mkn gak? TERPAKSA! Ye la. Sume opismate g sane. Abes tu? Xkan aku nak jd anti-sosial?? Waaa~ hate diz! I want to eat nasi cmpur je. Yg hrga rm5 leh ltak segala lauk. Plus the o ais limau T.T

Hidup di sini mmg pura2….

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Lovely & Dramatic Weekend.

I can consider my weekend as fully utilized. Haha. Why I said so? It started with Friday night. Interns’ Party. Well. It was fun. I am blessed to have EY as my internship place. Haha. EY actually appreciates their employees even it is just an intern.

So let me tell u the “summary” abt dat nite. I went there with my officemates. We arrived there at abt 6.30. Start with mingling around. Networking n chatting. Gt to know lotz of new interns as well as managers n partners. Very glad to find many key person of EY in the party. The place was soooo nice. Chef & Brew. Very nice n look expensive. At first had to register.N find the place with EY goodies. Yay! Get EY bag, post it notes, organizer n pens. Hehe. Proud to be EYian. Haha. Then, People team ask us to form a group of 8 and do the role playing games. The role playing is actually the normal situation and challenge in EY. Hehe. It is quite interesting n we laughed a lot. Many interns are actually a good actor/actress. I have to play as “Senior” role. I tell u, it was an “upside down” performance. Very spontaneous. But we reli had a great time. Wah!!!! I hate diz. Got to setup my own facebook profile as EY told us to do so. Huhu. I was sooo tired. So so so damn tired. My hp is crazy!

**Later i upload the pics during the party. forgot to download it to my lappy

On Saturday Lana, Dila, Tirah n I went to Makeover party by Seventeen. Wheee~~~ We reli had a great time. Reli2!! Eventhough I went there with panda eyes, I reli had a great time. Ya la. Got manicure, new hairstyle, free make ups n free goodies!! Tirah also got fashion makeover n did catwalk! Auuaww! U rox babe! Sure masuk seventeen! Makesure nx month u bought seventeen taw! Haha.

N I got lucky draw. For the first time I was lucky!! Haha. Got manicure n pedicure voucher. Wow! Got free manicure! Whee~~ haha.

mine : glittery baby pink. 2 times apply it. bcoz the first tyme i ruined it bcoz over-excited decorating cupcakes :P

lana: shocking pink


tirah:hot red

Sori babe. Cannot show la our new hairstyle :P

Anyway..y dramatic? Life isn’t always beautiful? Y? I keep it for myself. But my mata bengkak la on Sunday. Its ok. On Sunday, I filled my time with baking most choc cakes. Whee~~ hehe. Release tension.

So, in my conclusion, I want more weekends! Hehe. Plz…. I am very tired n wanna break. :(

**we all had a very good times :)**

Monday, January 19, 2009



Wah..sgt menyesal. Napela aku tak jumpa TSRS Partner mase interns party utk minx die assign SV utk aku? Napela aku tak jumpa HR Director utk mnx paid leaves?? Waaa!! Menyesal2….mase tu la nak take advantage. Waaa! Menyesal lg. Baru terpkir skg….

Friday, January 16, 2009

Credit to Sur

Love diz pics...aww...not bcoz sbb ade my pics..tp sbb die nyer theme n arrangement. i like :)

Makeover Party, Best Gurls and Hectic Weeks.

This week is a hectic week. Seriously. I am sooo tired. Going client’s place, sesat, handle with new software. Interview, meeting. Seriously. Very hectic.

My body now full with caffeine to make me awake n at least I can walk.

Three jobs in hand with one project on my own.

Yes! Looking forward to the Interns’ Party, organized by my company.

Chef & Brew? Never been there....

7pm - 11pm..... T.T

But tooo tired.. I just want to SLEEP.

But at about 12 something got a call from seventeen magazine. Yay!! Makeover party. And above of all, my bestgals can go also.

The story goes like diz. On a lazy evening, I went to buy magazine. I already bought all my fav magazines on dat month. And I saw something catchy…Seventeen.

N I found the makeover party promotion.

Free stuffs about rm300.
Got manicure
Make up by Clinique
Hair by A Cut Above
Shoes by Crocs

Free foods n cupcakes.
====so i trus msg lana to ask her to come. hehe. whee~

What else do u want for a lovely weekend?haha.

P/S :Life isn’t dat bad anyway….

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My B~

This is my beloved B~ Love him sooo much

Monday, January 12, 2009

Nak menangis~

Ahhhhh...feel wanna cry...alangkah bestnyer kalo idop ni xpyh bergantung dgn sape2......

Makeover with Bodyshop!

Its Sunday... As usual, dating with my beloved B. Hehehe. As a loyal cosmopolitan reader, I was offered to get a free makeover with Bodyshop. Whee~

This is me…before the makeover…

In the middle of the makeover…

N tadaaaa~~

Seriusly, im shocked with myself. Hahaha! I was soooo excited n cant help myself to look in the mirror over n over again… my eyes...hehe

This is the make-up artist. Thanks dear for the wonderful makeover!

My photo was taken by cosmopolitan but im not sure whether I am featured in the magazine. Hehe. I hope not…

By the way, it was a wonderful weekend though… spend with my bestgals n bf… n I get myself a touch of magic :P

Saturday with BestGurls~

Slumber Party mnjadi sesi sume bcakap n xde sorang pn dengar. Hahahaa.
Ice-skating menjadi jalan2 tnpa arah
Google Map atau kami yg bersalah? Sejam lbih wooo bpusing2...hehe.
Motip berlari2 mcm kne kejar antu ke platform ktm?? Padahal 20 minutes later baru KTM smpai...hehe. sengal2

Lana, Saf, Thirah, Zeti, Sur n I had a reli great times..but still hoping more can join us...
Next month : Sunway Lagoon. Come on gurls! :)

Friday, January 9, 2009


Ok2. I admit. My job is non-routine. Not easy. Busy.


Three project at a time


"We as the host for the slumber party tmrw decided with mandatory cndition, whch are-u are compulsory to bring food specifically pizza or dominos. u r also cmpolsury to bring pillow n comforter. if u fail to abide any of these rules please help urself to sleep outside the house with the cute cats. any negotiation will not b entertained.
lots of love xoxo muah3x"

got diz msg in da middle of da nite. i just have 1 word 2 say to them...


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

No more free time...hopefully :P

Yay!! Kembali bsemangat bekerja!!

Semalam rase down je. But today! Yay! Hari ni pergi client. Great Eastern kat Jln Ampang xsilap.. under asst Manager Cheng Lin. N td pg2 dpt call dr Sook Teng. Wah~ im assigned to 2 different project~ both are asst. manager. Tomorrow pg2 ade meeting with client. Kat cyberjaya. Amway. Wah~ jauh tu~ kurang2 dpt rm70 claim sehari. Haha. Kaya den… Den, dia ckp da whole nx week aku g sndiri kat sane. Sbb die ade projek len. Oh..oh…berikanlah semangat. Da best thing I can go lunch wif lana everyday. Whee~ haha.

Ya Allah, lapangkanlah urusan hambaMu ini. Jadikanlah hambaMu ini insane yang sentiasa bersyukur. Ameen.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Planning to throw a Slumber Party

Planning to throw a Slumber Party with BFFs

Hye gals! Its Friday Night!! and I’m planning to throw a slumber party at BFF’s house in Wangsa Maju. I am 80% confirm on that. Jz waiting to reconcile the plan with Lana Hun. Missing everyone already. So dears plz join! We gonna have fun. Food provided at host house. Hahaha. We wanna hear updates n all those gossips. We will laugh n chatting all nite long. N maybe we have karaoke session as usual. Dancing is allowed too! Men is strictly prohibited. Hahaha.

Date : 9th January 2009
Venue : Wangsa Maju
Theme: Chat2
Attire: Pajamas
Time : 11pm until we sleep :P

Foods are most welcomed.

**Any enquiries do not hesitate 2 ask Lana n me**


I send People Team an email

Do I entitle to get any paid leaves? I am informed that all VT do not entitle to get any paid leaves but my internship period is longer than them (8 months). Therefore I expect to have paid leaves.

Reply :
Interns are not eligible for annual/paid leave regardless of their internship duration.

ish2...other companies sume ade paid leaves. at least 1 week. haih...ape nih?


Tag demi tag

1.Rumate kama
2.Giler jepun. Slalu gelak sorang2 dpn pc
3.di utp, die mpunyai tabiat tido yg plik. Hehe
4.manis. Like 2 look at her.
5.smtms can be very garang. Haha
6.xsuke org xtutup pn2 bilik die. Tibe2 kang die bling je gune bntal. Takut woo! Haha
7.intern kat merc~ nak sebijik!
8.xakan mkn or minum susu and sbrg jnis sayur dan sewaktu dgnnya
9.treasurer syntech yg bjaya! Hoyeah2!
10.dl recipient every sem. Semoga dl lg. Ameen


1.Bdn cm model. Wah~
2.Stylo. Keep it up gurl
3.softboard kat utp yg sgt menarik. Hehe
4.geng kuat berangan dgn lana
5.kalo bersiap lamaaa
7.mmpunyai mata yg menggoda. Auuww
8.selalu gduh ngan rumate die.haha
9.slalu dtg blik aku sbb tny psl esemen ngan dila.hehe
10.suke wat status gtalk yg mnarik.hehe


1.aktif gile
2.byk sgt event + jawatan smpai xterkejar
4.suke psiko aku! Ish! Pnah smpai nangis taw
5.suke melalak kuat2
6.kalo die ngah rajin, slalu nmpk die..kalo mls, mmg die hlang. Mcm chipsmore la die ni.haha
7.terer dance. Bile dance sume tgk die n ckp “comelnya keane” haha
8.good listener n talker. Haha
9.working partner!
10.rumate my beloved for years.haha!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Surprise for my Mom

***ayah...watak utama dlm memastikan plan bjalan lancar. hehe. n sebelah tu irma...yg wat cupcakes. she's so nice. sy mampu tgk gmbar dr jauh je T.T***

***wrna kegilaanku...hehehee**

For my lovely Mom....

I bought cupcake online. From irma...the cupcakes are really sweet and cantik sgt2!! Tu la kelebihannya shopping on9 :P

Anyone yg nak wat surprise to their beloved..this is one idea...

The link : http://irmaputri-cupcake.blogspot.com/

The best thing she can deliver rite in front of ur house n u can actually can ask for ur fav themes n colours.

Haha. cm sy plak yg jual. Nway, masa irma dtg anta da cupcakes, mama tgh tido. Kepenatan. Malam tu ayah bawak mama n aiman g celebrate kat Papa Chop Mama Grill (Betul ke?) hehe. So mase tu baru ayah tunjuk the cake. Mama sgt2 tharu..mcm nak nangis sume… hehe. Dia jz ckp

“Kaklong, terima kasih. Lawanya kek. Mama tak tahu nak cakap ape dah”

That’s all. But I know mama was very happy…

I love u mom…..

Any Idea?

I reli miss those days in UTP… Volunteering and join many events…. Owh… do u noe anything that I can do during weekends instead of wasting money? I really feel empty. Want to do some beneficial things… Anyone?

Friday, January 2, 2009


Inilah padahnye takde keje….nx week akan jd sardine la saye….2 projek satu mase…again…sape2 yg intern dkat2 Hospital Pantai or kat SYABAS, gtaw yer!

Orait… sempena nw year ni… im thinking of setting up a new organization. Tak terpikir ape lg namenye….tp maen ltak la je ek MAJLIS PERWAKILAN PELAJAR INTERN (MPPI).

Objektif penubuhan MPPI :

1. Tegakkan hak pelajar untuk bertukar tempat intern atas sebab2 tertentu
2. Tegakkan keadilan terhadap pelajar yg dibuli di tempat intern
3. Memperjuangkan elaun yg setimpal
4. Memperjuangkan hak2 sebagai intern bertauliah : cuti, working hours, kemudahan2.
5. Membawa isu pemberian kerja yg lebih rasional dan berilmiah kepada intern2 (maksudnye…jgnla keje tu asyik key in data, fotostat je)
ape2 lg..

cdgn board of directors dibuka skrg.

President :
Vice President :
Secretary I:
Secretary II :
Treasurer :
Exco2 belum lg difikirkan. Mgkin boleh dibahagi kpd kwsan or working exco.

Cdgn plz???

**sesungguhnye smangat berevent n bpersatuan tidak akan pnah hilang dlm drh cik orkid ni. haha***

For My B~

Every time that I’m with you
I can’t believe you share my world
But it’s real
And every time that I hold you close to me
Forever’s all that I can see
How it feels

See I don’t give a damn what my homies say
Don’t matter anyway
See I never felt this way before
You leave a brother wantin’ more
I hate to see you go
Even though I know when you’re comin’ back

It’s hard to breathe without you
And baby that’s a fact
I know sometimes you have to leave
But I wish you could stay

Every time you go away
From the very first time that I touched you babe
Couldn’t find the words to say you set me free
Nothin’ ever tasted quite like this
Or got so deep

See I don’t give a damn what my homies say
Don’t matter anyway
See I never ever felt this way before
You always leave me wantin’ more
You’re the sunshine of my day
You brighten up my night
You take a piece of me with you
Every time you say goodbye…

**my song for him….haha. true from my deepest heart… everytime nak bpisah…adui… rase sdih sgt..haha! sori! Jiwang ckit…**

Mama I love U....so much....

I can see heaven in ur smile..... :)

I love u so much my dear mama....
Happy Birthday...
52 years now...hehe.
i think i shud married now...hahhaa.


Tagged by Farah Toink Toink~

a) Sesiapa yang kena tag, kena tulis 10 sesuatu berkenaan orang yang meng-tag dia

1. ingat die ingat abg bil.hehe
2. nice fren to b wif…sure ktawe bsar… miss dat time!!
3. comel…hehe. Sbb ketggian die. Jgn mare!!
4. cpt panik..haha. tp tu la wat die best
5. suke squash
6. suke futsal gak
7. giler2
8. suke laki jepun gak. Haha! Betul ke?
9. intern kt mimos
10. single n available :P

b) Orang yang kena tag kena tulis 10 perkara. About yourself.

1. im missing utp, my frenz, my b, nabihah n my famili..damn much!
2. xde keje skang
3. very bad at financial. I can b considered as broke. Hehe.
4. addicted to on9 shopping
5. sorang je dak utp yg intern kat ernst & young
6. try nak diet. But when it’s time for makan, trus lupe..haih!
7. suke masak..mehla kwn2..dtg umah..aku msak k!
8. skang gile shawl….da xpndang da tudung bwl even g psr mlm pn.hehe
9. syg sgt b die…
10. berazam bli at least spsng kasut every month…at least…

c) At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names.
3.farah balik!
8. anda
9. ye anda
10. anda!!!


10 Petanda Kamu Perlu Transformasi

10 Petanda Kamu Perlu Transformasi

Apabila nama sebenar kamu mula ditukar menjadi “Betty” oleh teman sejawatmu. Yang pasti, gelaran itu bkn satu gurauan!

Alat solekmu masih tak kehabisan sejak 4 tahun lalu. Yang terakhir kamu beli pun langsung tak ingat bila.

Kamu hanya ada satu pakaian paling cantik. Pakaian itulah kamu pakai berkali2 di setiap majlis keraian yang dihadiri

Bila bersama teman2, kamu sering berasa rendah diri kerana penampilanmu yg kurang menyerlah.

Si dia yg kamu minati tak pernah menoleh ke arahmu walaupun sekali. Malah, kehadiran kamu pun dia tak perasan.

Rkn2mu sering ajak2 ayam bila mengajakmu lepak di malam minggu.

Apabila kamu tampil dgn gaya rambut sama setiap hari. Dan scarf yg dipakai pun diikat dgn gaya yg sama sahaja.

Kamu memiliki byk koleksi baju, kasut dan beg tangan – tapi semuanya daripada rona dan stail serupa.

Gambar utama profil Facebook kamu sudah berbulan2 tak pernah ditukar kerana itulah gambar cantik yang kamu ada.

Teman lelaki kamu lgsg tidak pernah memuji kecantikanmu.

Anything dat applies to u? so u need transformation peeps! Let’s go transform yourself for this new year J