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Friday, January 16, 2009

Makeover Party, Best Gurls and Hectic Weeks.

This week is a hectic week. Seriously. I am sooo tired. Going client’s place, sesat, handle with new software. Interview, meeting. Seriously. Very hectic.

My body now full with caffeine to make me awake n at least I can walk.

Three jobs in hand with one project on my own.

Yes! Looking forward to the Interns’ Party, organized by my company.

Chef & Brew? Never been there....

7pm - 11pm..... T.T

But tooo tired.. I just want to SLEEP.

But at about 12 something got a call from seventeen magazine. Yay!! Makeover party. And above of all, my bestgals can go also.

The story goes like diz. On a lazy evening, I went to buy magazine. I already bought all my fav magazines on dat month. And I saw something catchy…Seventeen.

N I found the makeover party promotion.

Free stuffs about rm300.
Got manicure
Make up by Clinique
Hair by A Cut Above
Shoes by Crocs

Free foods n cupcakes.
====so i trus msg lana to ask her to come. hehe. whee~

What else do u want for a lovely weekend?haha.

P/S :Life isn’t dat bad anyway….

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