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Friday, January 23, 2009


Phone conversation with Asst. Manager
Me : Hi Cheng Lin. Siti here. Can I know which job I will attach to next week?
Cheng Lin : Are you done with Amway Vietnam
Me: Yes. I just want to let u know that I’m Available now. (Actually da almost one week available)
Cheng Lin: Owh. Next week we have few projects ongoing but most of the users are on holiday. I will let u know next week. Maybe u can go to client place
Me: OK2. Anyway, I want to help my friend at client’s place. Can a? But I wont charge anything
Cheng Lin: Can2.Sure2
Me: If u got anything for me tell ya
Cheng Lin: Ok2.

(Motip post ini : Tiada pape.haha. Sur suh tulis je pape mase bosan. So aku tulis la ni :P )

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