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Friday, February 27, 2009

Break jap


1. Upload the favourite pic of yours.

2. Describe the pic

3. Then upload the screenshot of your pc/laptop wallpaper

4. Describe the wallpaper

5. Tag 7 people and let them know that they have been tagged.

dlm my laptop skang (laptop EY) mmg xbyk gmbar...yg ade just recent pics...i don't know which 1 to choose. So i chose diz...


Sbb arnab tu comel...


Yes...thats a reason..but mainly is i spent a very blastful day wif my B...n wif other frenz. hehe. Ouh...1 more thing..i jz luv my b wearing dat baju. look sooooo gud in him. hehee.

:) ok...ni la wallpaper ku~ buhsan? yurp. sgt buhsan. hehe. diz is my current laptop. my own laptop now ade wif my sister. so mmg skema la walpaper ni. nmpak file2 yg btaburan?? yes. itu pun menandakan keje yg sgt blambak n otak yg sgt serabut. hahaha

p/s: inilah selingan masa2 ku di opis...menghitung hari utk balik~~

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hectic Week

This week is crazy! Everyday go back earliest at 7pm. And..the worst thing...have to work on Sunday!! Until late at night..

~I always love working...but..im tired. N maybe i think i deserve the recognition. Haih~ Now I know how recognition is closely related to work performance.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Here are the simple rules :
1. Go to your photos folder in your computer.
2. Go to the 7th folder of photos.
3. Go to the 7th picture in that folder.
4. Put the picture on your blog and description of it.
5. Invite 7 friends to join the challenge.
6. Link them in your blog and let them know they have been challenged

Okla..lyn je la....gigih tol cik sur kite ni ye..haha. Ni la gmbar yg bjaya dikorek..

ok....glamer gak la cik tirah kite yer! haha. ok..ni mase single awareness day kat wondermilk. aku, tirah, ojan, nj, and jared hang out.. kalo nak taw lg bc la kat blog tirah ye.

Dah2...byk keje nih. bsok kne g TPM. aduhai.... klien...klien....

Thanks sur sbb sudi tag aku~~ hehehe

n xde sape2 utk ditag...sbb sume pon kne tag~

Monday, February 23, 2009

My whole week was a blast!

Whee~ last week was the best week ever! Ahaha. Let me share some of my happiness


Drove to One Utama to celebrate Jae birthday. Apparently my besday is fall on the same date as Jae. So I went to Kura, One World Hotel to celebrate with Japenese food. At first I felt very3 weird to celebrate someone who shared the same birthday like me. I never expect that they were also planned to throw surprise birthday party to me also. Kura is a nice place!! We reserved a room and the food was very good! I just ordered sushi as I don’t really like sashimi. Before that, we had two cute cakes! Thanks guys!!

Omg! I was touched! I really appreciate our friendship even it is just a short period. I will miss all those laughs and dizziness to choose our lunch place. Hehe. It was like a final gathering before they all fly back to Melbourne.

Sorry guys for not join u all for drinks. I was afraid to drive late to home.

Finally, hugs and kisses to my dear friends : Melvin, Peifern, Jae, Adilah, Harvey, Yin and Joyce. Not forgetting, Chye Soon, Lawrence, Nicole, Juanne, Sue Anne and Wei Ping who could not make it to the party.

Hugs! Hugs! Hugs! :P


It was my birthday! Wheee~~ I was a bit late as I slept quite late chatting with my b and reply all those sweet messages last nite. Suddenly kak maria, the AO call my name and ask me to go upstairs level 23a as a guest was waiting for me. Uhhuuu~ who was that? I was very nervous at that time. I just afraid if client wanted to see me. Hehe. And I was surprised by a cute cupcakes!! Wah~~~

I was very, very, happy…it was from my b actually…

See…it is so nice rite?? I luv u b~ hugs!

After that, I also cont reply all those wishes thru gtalk, fb and email. Thanks dear!! All those wishes mean a lot for me and I appreciate it soo much.

Afta dat…pisunk buzz me. He wished me and asked me about watch…. Wait..wait…watch??? is that the surprise from my b??? hahahaha. My b was so excited telling me on dat morning dat he will surprise me. But….pisunk had revealed it and I couldn’t help myself other than laughing and laughing. Hahahahah. My dear b is sooo cute! Everytime he wanted to give surprises to someone, for sure he failed. Alalaa…b…dun sad k! haha.

In the evening Ojan went to my house straight from his office. He was waiting for me until fell asleep. Haha. Poor dear…u have to stand with ur girl who are very committed with her work (perasan!)haha. After I arrived he took my car to carwash. Haha. I never wash my car like ages! Haha. Thanks b. In the meantime I settle everything and dress up for tonite…

Orite..these are some of the pics at that nite. It was a very3 lovely nite. Muah3!!!


First visit. Miss Penny rox!! Haha. And I did a really brave action…haha. Until the director know me. I hope I can do the best in EY…


Outing with my BFF…again….for another makeover…again….haha!

We got some makeup from Bodyshop! Yayy!!

And I…..was lucky again…to get a lucky draw!! Yay!! Thanks to Lana to fill up my card when I was busy been make-up by the bodyshop make up artist. So, I got The Body Shop Personal Enhancement Academy worth RM160 and get make-up set worth rm150. Whee~~ Alhamdulillah…

At that nite…we went for PGL. We was very3 late! Soooo sooo sorry to remy… But I would say..the show from PGL was a magic!! Seriously….very magical and breathtaking…I was soooo excited and happy!!

That nite Lana and I were stayed over the girls house. As usual, pillow talk…It was a very memorable nite…yeah…it was just a talk but I reli2 enjoyed it. Thanks tirah, saf n ju..

That concludes my blastful week..i really hope the upcoming weeks filled with happiness and love and gratitude :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


huhu. kena "tegur" dgn my senior and sv coz buat sambil lewa psl timesheet and claim... sedih2. I thought timesheet is not important...ya la..after all i got rm800 in the end of the month. ok..ape tu timesheet? Actually this is like a software which document all our work to charge us. So i have to put the details of the clients and etc. But im so lazy and just put non-chargeable and admin support. So my senior said no use I worked really hard but I never acknowledge it. Huhu. So it reflects like u didnt do any job~ ok bos! im sori for my ignorant...

Wah~ di "evaluate" dgn my senior yg sgt particular and sgt bgus. tkot2...

Monday, February 16, 2009

Due to Many Request - How to Apply Internship in EY?

Whoever wants or have intention to apply at Ernst & Young, u can email me your resume, cover letter, academic transcript and SPM cert to me.


Sorry I don’t have the time to upload any tips or what type of jobs here due to time limitations. But u can always contact me through GTalk or simply text/phone me.

Simply said, if you want to experience working in Big 4, treated like employee, outstations almost all the time, outstanding and can sharpen PR skills, Ernst & Young is for you.
Caution : May cause “tender stress” depending on your stress level :P But for July batch no need to worry la. Its not peak time. December is the super peak time and I have experienced it J

Job : IT Auditor
Department : Business Risk Solutions (Advisory)
Line : Technology Security & Risk Services (TSRS)
Allowance: RM800
Other Income : Mileage Claim
Compulsory trait: Willing to travel and independent

Hari Kekasih?

** at the Curve. sgt cantik deco diee

Hari Kekasih?

Haha. Nope. We didn’t celebrate it. But as usual, after work (Friday) Ojan and I will go somewhere to eat. Initially Ojan promised me to pick me up by his bike to my office since it’s been so long he didn’t send me to work but he woke up late and I have to drive. So that evening I drove to his office and we went to The Curve together. Why we chose the Curve? 1st its near our place. 2nd it has cool eating place with pathway which is so so lovely….. so we decided to just sit there and enjoy the performance. The environment there was soo romantic… it’s like love is everywhere. Haha. People selling flowers and cute gifts. Ojan wanted to buy me a rose but I refused…because I didn’t want to be seen as another couple who celebrated Valentine. Its not right in Islam… All in all it was a lovely night….

**surprise from Ojan.hehe
On Saturday, we had planned for meet up with Tirah, Jared and his godsis. On the way to KL Sentral, Ojan asked me to take something from the pocket back in his seat… And it was a gift for me!!! Wahhhh~~~ I felt like im flying. Because he is not a type of guy who showered his beloved with gifts and materials. Hahaha. I opened it and it was a cd… Love songs…omg… I was soo touched.. The gift is soo special for me. Speechless.. … Actually last day we had some confrontation. Haha. We seldom had any quarrel. Seriously. This is all because Ojan is a very patient guy. Very2. a guy who is soo humble and hate any conflicts.. but last day was my fault.. huhu. So he gave me this cd to make up. But…it is actually my mistakes…. Huhu…
This entry is not about us celebrating Valentine’s Day… Just it happened on that day. Haha. Everyday is our hari kasih saying.haha (pengsan~~~)

**at wondermilk. credit to dear jezmine (old blossom box) coz bgtaw Ojan the direction

p/s: dah3!! i dun want to make this blog like couple blog.hehehe. sowie~~

Friday, February 13, 2009

Seribu Bintang~~

** Terdengar lagu ni masa tgh jem. Besh tol. Lyn gak la...maybe lirik dia so close to me..haha**
Ingin kupergi jauh darimu
Agar kukenal erti rindu ini
Ingin aku menyelami jiwamu
Agar kukenal dirimu kasih
Ingin aku membenci dirimu
Tapi kebencian tiada padaku
Walau apa yang kau sangkakan
Aku tetap cinta padamu
Telah lama kuhidup melara
Telah kugagal dalam bercinta
Kini kau datang dengan seribu bintang
Bintang yang dulu sembunyi
Bintang yang tiada bererti
Kalau kau sudi menyentuhi hatiku
Aku kan selalu dekat padaku
Tapi jangan kau hanya cuba
Untuk mempermainkan cintaku....


What is the meaning of sacrifice?

Quoted from Wikipedia

“Sacrifice (from a Middle English verb meaning "to make sacred", from Old French, from Latin sacrificium: sacr, "sacred" + facere, "to make") is commonly known as the practice of offering food, objects (typically valuables), or the lives of animals or people to the gods as an act of propitiation or worship. The term is also used metaphorically to describe selfless good deeds for others or a short term loss in return for a greater gain, such as in a game of chess.”

Selfless good deeds….. if something tu dibuat tidak ikhlas adakah digelar sacrifice? Sacrifice is a huge word. It’s not synonym to helping.. Adakah kita meminta sacrifice? Bolehkah kita meminta?

Tapi manusia…biasalah.. Bertahun2 org sacrifice utk kita tp kita tak perasan. But baru few times kita tlg org kita dah rasa mcm2. Apa kita boleh gelar org ni? Kalo selfless tu untuk org yg suker sacrifice so the best word utk org ni ialah selfish.
Kalau kita dah tak perasan apa perbuatan baik org tu or kita dah start berkira…what’s the purpose of staying? Betul tak? Tapi sy phm…manusia lg ingat perbuatan baik yg dia buat kat org lain daripada perbuatan baik org bg kat dia. Lumrah~ Manusia mudah lupa. Tak terkecuali dgn saya… Manusia juga tend to menghukum org dgn satu kesilapan yg sgt jarang dilakukan lantas melupakan segalanya.

Contoh plng senang…mak ayah kita… dia la jaga kita dr kecik. Suap kita. Bg makan sume. Sekolahkan kita. Pendek kata, sacrifice everything la. Tapi bila dtg seorg kekasih yg kononnya sacrifice (sacrifice ape pun tak taw la), mula la kita lupa dgn parents kita yg dah sacrifice bertahun2..mcm 2 la contoh. Boleh jadi kat sape2. bukan kat parents je..

Haha. Just terpikir tentang kehidupan ketika jem teruk (near 2 hours) sebab LTDL….

P/S : Semoga Allah menjadikan aku hambaNya yg tidak mudah lupa diri dan bersyukur dgn nikmatnya


Just wanna share smth..i got it from one of my best frend's blog..

"adakala kita perlu menangis agar kita tahu hidup ini bukan sekadar ketawa..
adakalanya kita perlu ketawa agar kita tahu mahalnya nilai airmata..
berterima kasih kepada orang yang menyakiti kamu..
kerana dia yang menabahkan kamu..
berterima kasih kepada orang yang tak mengendahkan kamu..
kerana dia yang memupuk kamu berdikari..
berterima kasih kepada orang yang menjatuhkan kamu..
kerana dia yang memperhebatkan kamu..
berterima kasih kepada orang yang menyiksa kamu..
kerana dia yang menguji kesabaran kamu..
aku bersyukur kepada tuhan..
kerana menakdirkan itu semua berlaku.."

Tq dude..make me think twice..

renung2kanlar dan selamat beramal :D

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Kepada sesiapa yang menanti entry baru, sila bersabar ye. Saya sedang sibuk kerana ditugaskan ke klien baru. Entry seterusnya akan lebih menarik. Termasuk cara2 apply dan tips apply intern juga aktiviti saya ketika weekend. Ruangan intern juga akan dipenuhi. Lebih drama dan cabaran :P

(Cewah..mcm org popular plak kan? Dah2. Sambung wat keje)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Sayang Dia..

“Lena aku didalam pelukanmuku
tak pernah rasa cintamu sebegini
bisakah kau terus begini
pertahankan cintaku”

Petikan lagu Ajai & Marsha. Sgt3 suke diz song. Boleh menangis rasanya. Kebetulan sedang hangat bercinta. Hahaha.

Ku sayang dia…hanya dia :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Do not Intern at F**** & S******* anymore!

Argggh..hari yg sgt22 tak best..tension!! owh..b4 dat..this is my first post..thank to my syg..give permission to share smth in her blog..hehe.. :)

aarrgghh laagggii!! today..i dont want to do anything.. ANYTHING!! even my project tinggal one month je lagi..n got more den 70 slides to complete, still tak nk wat gak!! owh..B4 proced..now i got one project..generally its called Groth Partnership Services (GPS). So, GPS ni is one of thier way to create revenue la sbb GPS nie mcm wat Master programme which u guys have 2 come out with ur own findings. So, later I will come out with my own report which cost $70,000 - $100,000 US Dollar.($$$..wwweee..) If Im not mistaken lar..So. tajuk aku..Asia Pacific C4ISR Market Assesments.Haruslar lpas nie aku tros jer jual to US DoD! hehe..kaye2!! :D

haa!! do not intern here!! argh! geram2..HR kat cni mmg ntah ape ntah..no wonderlar Dr. Rohani kata dlm lecture, most of the HR mmg selalu wat hal..contohnyer nilar..aku bengang sgt sbb Isnin ni tak cuty sempena Thaipusam ( I know Im not celebrate. Shut up!) tp..Pak Lah dah annouced kot. tak caye tgk link~


Aku baru jer nk drop email to HR, tba2 HR dh sent email kat aku. (Hanjing sgt!)

Dear All,

HR has received numerous enquiries about Thaipusam.
The management has already deliberated on this and as such, please note that it is not a 'compulsory holiday' and the Company has the right not to grant it as a day off. Hope the above is clear.

Thank you

giler2!! itu satu hallar kan! 2nd thing, here..got two chinese gurls doing part time job as DATA ENTRY under ICT Department. Both of them just finished thier SPM. Waiting for the result.

(sah2 lar nie bukan dioenrg!)

yes..keje mmg bnyk..sian plak aku tgk..menaip je keje dionerg..tp..nk taw..allowance bape?? RM 1300!! lagi bertambah giler lar HR!! Imagine..we doin Degree..only got RM 1000..they just SPM..extra RM 300!! dat extra I can pay for my apartment's rent!! lol!

arrgghhh...tension!! 3rd thing!! last internship programme done by other utp students, they were entitled 10 days onleave/holiday..which are 5 days with MC and 5 days without MC. (nice ryte??) diz tyme around..me n Emeela just can enjoy 5 days onleave with MC and without MC!! tak ke soooo unfair!!!

argghh...tension!! so..today..sape yg borink..plz do not hesitate to buzz me..I surely can entertain u..hahaha!! Boikot!! (*boikot ape tak taw :D)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Start enjoying my intern

Minggu yg bersemangat utk berkerja!!


Akhirnya, problem solved. Ayah dah bg permission utk aku drive. Yurp. I’m not a good driver. Jauh..jauh..sgt. Hahaha. Ye la. Baru dpt lessen bulan 11 hari tu dgn 2 hari belajar kete. Haha. Hebat? Tu bukan hebat. Tu nak cari pasal namanya. Haha.

First day driving ayah byk bising dgn aku. Suke mencelah2. Dia ckp tak lame laaa kete dia. (Jgn aminkan taw). Aku harap sgt nothing happened. Takut. To be honest mmg masih ngeri. Taw2 je la kat kl kereta mak aihhh byk giler. Dgn lessen tak kompeten lagi. Haha. Tapi terpaksa la gagahkan diri. Terpaksa!

Parking? Totally fail. Waaa~~~ takpe2. take ur time rahmah….

Anyway this week sgt3 hectic. Kerja btambah berlambak. Belum start new client dah dpt another new client.

I’ll be in Hilton Hotel kat KL sentral starting from tomorrow smpai 10th Feb. So sape2 kwn2 yg nak mkn same2 kat kl sentral jum la J

Anyway, I got my first evaluation form yg EY provide for interns. Die punya grading dr a – i. Bayangkan! Mmg properly evaluate la. Many of interns yg same dgn me got F which is meet expectation. N I got B – exceeds expectation. Alhamdulillah.

Petikan sametime dgn senior.

4:55:52 PM: Poh Tse Ho/AABS/KL/FEA/ErnstYoung/MY: hope u come back to Ey
4:56:04 PM: Poh Tse Ho/AABS/KL/FEA/ErnstYoung/MY: seriously you really good as a Vt:)
4:56:25 PM: Rahmah Muhab Shah/AABS/KL/FEA/ErnstYoung/MY: haha. still have 23 weeks to go
4:56:34 PM: Rahmah Muhab Shah/AABS/KL/FEA/ErnstYoung/MY: long way to go
4:56:42 PM: Rahmah Muhab Shah/AABS/KL/FEA/ErnstYoung/MY: so many things i have to learn
4:56:45 PM: Poh Tse Ho/AABS/KL/FEA/ErnstYoung/MY: hahaha good I request for u to help me than
4:56:51 PM: Rahmah Muhab Shah/AABS/KL/FEA/ErnstYoung/MY: can2
4:56:54 PM: Poh Tse Ho/AABS/KL/FEA/ErnstYoung/MY: your a quick learner so its good

Haha. Act im soo hepi coz mula2 dpt first job aku rase sgt2 down. I think I didn’t perform very well. Plus, aku ni suke sesat2 dlm opis org. hahaha. Ntah pape ntah. Tp Alhamdulillah. Apepon, masih lamer lg to go. Kerja got harder and harder. But get more exciting. Bila dah dpt kete ni, I akan blik lmbat n more committed. Huhu.

Ok. This is a good booster after about 1 month im down. Haaa…..one more thing!! My problem with SV pun solved! Hurrayy. Kebetulan smlm Kamy n Cheng Lin (Manager n Asst. Manager) emailed me about that. Diorg sgt baik n muda n cantik. Hhaha. N hari ni Ms. Penny (lecturer from UTP) call utk confirmkan date for first visit. And its fall on my birthday. J

Alhamdulillah. Dgn my dear hubby di sisi, sentiasa menemani, things got easier.

Semoga hari2 mendatang dpt sy lalui dgn ketenangan dan rendah diri. Amin.

p/s: act intern mmg sgt2 besh. byk blaja n byk kenalan. tp dgn masalah n kesesakan, jd xbesh. hehe