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Friday, February 27, 2009

Break jap


1. Upload the favourite pic of yours.

2. Describe the pic

3. Then upload the screenshot of your pc/laptop wallpaper

4. Describe the wallpaper

5. Tag 7 people and let them know that they have been tagged.

dlm my laptop skang (laptop EY) mmg xbyk gmbar...yg ade just recent pics...i don't know which 1 to choose. So i chose diz...


Sbb arnab tu comel...


Yes...thats a reason..but mainly is i spent a very blastful day wif my B...n wif other frenz. hehe. Ouh...1 more thing..i jz luv my b wearing dat baju. look sooooo gud in him. hehee.

:) ok...ni la wallpaper ku~ buhsan? yurp. sgt buhsan. hehe. diz is my current laptop. my own laptop now ade wif my sister. so mmg skema la walpaper ni. nmpak file2 yg btaburan?? yes. itu pun menandakan keje yg sgt blambak n otak yg sgt serabut. hahaha

p/s: inilah selingan masa2 ku di opis...menghitung hari utk balik~~

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