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Monday, February 16, 2009

Hari Kekasih?

** at the Curve. sgt cantik deco diee

Hari Kekasih?

Haha. Nope. We didn’t celebrate it. But as usual, after work (Friday) Ojan and I will go somewhere to eat. Initially Ojan promised me to pick me up by his bike to my office since it’s been so long he didn’t send me to work but he woke up late and I have to drive. So that evening I drove to his office and we went to The Curve together. Why we chose the Curve? 1st its near our place. 2nd it has cool eating place with pathway which is so so lovely….. so we decided to just sit there and enjoy the performance. The environment there was soo romantic… it’s like love is everywhere. Haha. People selling flowers and cute gifts. Ojan wanted to buy me a rose but I refused…because I didn’t want to be seen as another couple who celebrated Valentine. Its not right in Islam… All in all it was a lovely night….

**surprise from Ojan.hehe
On Saturday, we had planned for meet up with Tirah, Jared and his godsis. On the way to KL Sentral, Ojan asked me to take something from the pocket back in his seat… And it was a gift for me!!! Wahhhh~~~ I felt like im flying. Because he is not a type of guy who showered his beloved with gifts and materials. Hahaha. I opened it and it was a cd… Love songs…omg… I was soo touched.. The gift is soo special for me. Speechless.. … Actually last day we had some confrontation. Haha. We seldom had any quarrel. Seriously. This is all because Ojan is a very patient guy. Very2. a guy who is soo humble and hate any conflicts.. but last day was my fault.. huhu. So he gave me this cd to make up. But…it is actually my mistakes…. Huhu…
This entry is not about us celebrating Valentine’s Day… Just it happened on that day. Haha. Everyday is our hari kasih saying.haha (pengsan~~~)

**at wondermilk. credit to dear jezmine (old blossom box) coz bgtaw Ojan the direction

p/s: dah3!! i dun want to make this blog like couple blog.hehehe. sowie~~


Fauzan Abdullah said...

ahahah!! soo nice post!! yeah..it just hapend on that day..sorry my mistakes too..

nway..very nice hang out anyway wif jared, his godsis n tirah..as wat jared said..got many new things..

*tba2 tierngat psal knowledge managment plak..hehe :D

nway..tq to u..im feel apreciated ;)

SuRayA^i. said...

ojan jiwang upenye..hehe~

Orkid said...

aku pn xsgka. haha

Fauzan Abdullah said...

erk..am i?? eyh..nolar..

aku beser jer..hehe :D

SuRayA^i. said...

okla2..change to the sweeter word sket..-->[romantic]