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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Start enjoying my intern

Minggu yg bersemangat utk berkerja!!


Akhirnya, problem solved. Ayah dah bg permission utk aku drive. Yurp. I’m not a good driver. Jauh..jauh..sgt. Hahaha. Ye la. Baru dpt lessen bulan 11 hari tu dgn 2 hari belajar kete. Haha. Hebat? Tu bukan hebat. Tu nak cari pasal namanya. Haha.

First day driving ayah byk bising dgn aku. Suke mencelah2. Dia ckp tak lame laaa kete dia. (Jgn aminkan taw). Aku harap sgt nothing happened. Takut. To be honest mmg masih ngeri. Taw2 je la kat kl kereta mak aihhh byk giler. Dgn lessen tak kompeten lagi. Haha. Tapi terpaksa la gagahkan diri. Terpaksa!

Parking? Totally fail. Waaa~~~ takpe2. take ur time rahmah….

Anyway this week sgt3 hectic. Kerja btambah berlambak. Belum start new client dah dpt another new client.

I’ll be in Hilton Hotel kat KL sentral starting from tomorrow smpai 10th Feb. So sape2 kwn2 yg nak mkn same2 kat kl sentral jum la J

Anyway, I got my first evaluation form yg EY provide for interns. Die punya grading dr a – i. Bayangkan! Mmg properly evaluate la. Many of interns yg same dgn me got F which is meet expectation. N I got B – exceeds expectation. Alhamdulillah.

Petikan sametime dgn senior.

4:55:52 PM: Poh Tse Ho/AABS/KL/FEA/ErnstYoung/MY: hope u come back to Ey
4:56:04 PM: Poh Tse Ho/AABS/KL/FEA/ErnstYoung/MY: seriously you really good as a Vt:)
4:56:25 PM: Rahmah Muhab Shah/AABS/KL/FEA/ErnstYoung/MY: haha. still have 23 weeks to go
4:56:34 PM: Rahmah Muhab Shah/AABS/KL/FEA/ErnstYoung/MY: long way to go
4:56:42 PM: Rahmah Muhab Shah/AABS/KL/FEA/ErnstYoung/MY: so many things i have to learn
4:56:45 PM: Poh Tse Ho/AABS/KL/FEA/ErnstYoung/MY: hahaha good I request for u to help me than
4:56:51 PM: Rahmah Muhab Shah/AABS/KL/FEA/ErnstYoung/MY: can2
4:56:54 PM: Poh Tse Ho/AABS/KL/FEA/ErnstYoung/MY: your a quick learner so its good

Haha. Act im soo hepi coz mula2 dpt first job aku rase sgt2 down. I think I didn’t perform very well. Plus, aku ni suke sesat2 dlm opis org. hahaha. Ntah pape ntah. Tp Alhamdulillah. Apepon, masih lamer lg to go. Kerja got harder and harder. But get more exciting. Bila dah dpt kete ni, I akan blik lmbat n more committed. Huhu.

Ok. This is a good booster after about 1 month im down. Haaa…..one more thing!! My problem with SV pun solved! Hurrayy. Kebetulan smlm Kamy n Cheng Lin (Manager n Asst. Manager) emailed me about that. Diorg sgt baik n muda n cantik. Hhaha. N hari ni Ms. Penny (lecturer from UTP) call utk confirmkan date for first visit. And its fall on my birthday. J

Alhamdulillah. Dgn my dear hubby di sisi, sentiasa menemani, things got easier.

Semoga hari2 mendatang dpt sy lalui dgn ketenangan dan rendah diri. Amin.

p/s: act intern mmg sgt2 besh. byk blaja n byk kenalan. tp dgn masalah n kesesakan, jd xbesh. hehe


Fauzan Abdullah said...

Wow dpt B. that awesome! congrates! ;)

Orkid said...

act kan. during my lunch with other VT. They compare the grade la. But they didnt ask me. They not satisfied with the grade n said one of my colleague did the best. I know they didnt expect me to get like that. huhu. Im quite. Yes I am. But does it mean i cannot perform? huhu