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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hypnobirthing - How and When

Following up to my birth story, i would like to share how and when i apply hypnobirthing technique in my birthing process. Even my birth is not as beautiful and smooth, but for me that is one of my most beautiful thing happened in my life.

during pregnancy
i can say i have the easiest pregnancy experience haha. except for 1st trimester i was at risk of miscarriage and early 2nd trimester i got skin allergy...
but i was very active..really active more than normal ppl. during this pregnancy i took up a lot of leadership roles..from my job to social events.
hypnobirth technique helped me a lot to connect with my baby and partner. positive affirmation, relaxation techniques. also i really take care of myself..the way i look, eat and behave.

birth preparation -

i downloaded few songs that make me calm
write our own birth affirmation/script
exercises that can help positioning my baby (yoga and birth ball)
massage/relaxation technique that ur hubby can do for u
breathing techniques
the most important thing - birth plan! last time i thought birth is just admit urself to hospital and let doc do everything. but when i learned about hypnobirth, i was like...heyyyy even for the simplest thing in life, i plan everything...this is birth! the important thing in life. i need to know and plan everything. i need to make sure i made informed decision.

1st stage of birthing - surges/contraction
hyonobirth opened our eyes of the whole birthing process..the drugs, tools, techniques that hospital used during birth and their risks and benefits. we are prepared emotionally and physically for birth process

ok what i appreciate the most is how i can stand my 3 days of labor! by breathing and relaxation techniques. it really helps! it helped to reserve my energy..imagine 3 sleepless night and unimaginable pain? i manage to go through without any painkiller!

2nd stage -
j breathing
birth position - tried squatting and polar bear but end up lie on the bed hee
during this stage i really shut down my mind..think of smthng nice. n reli...i dun feel pain at all!
skin to skin and delay cord clamping - both very brief coz my baby not breathing well at that time

well, what can I say hypnobirth taught me to birth without fear and manipulate my mind to go through birthing process.

pls go and sign up for the class! this is not sponsored post ok! heee

Friday, January 24, 2014

My Not So Gentle Birth Story

Fuh..ramai sebenarnya tanya pasal my birth story haha. Panjanggg ceritanya...so here it is. Sebelum mama ni jadi amnesia.

"Syg...if u dah taknak anak lagi pun i paham"

haha. mukadimmah my birth story.

1st stage: surges (contraction)

ok..ceritanya on my due date 27Dec after jumpa my gynae, petang tu dah start ada blood show.

we were so excited and start to pack everything calmly sbb contraction still light2. both of us sempat buat mars bar and beberapa aktiviti (ehem) yg boleh cepatkan proses bersalin.

pukul 11mlm macam tu baru keluar rumah. hubby drive pun relax2 je. then ktorg lepak kejap kat tmn klcc and mandarin oriental sambil lyn contraction. masa tu da 5min apart. then baru masuk pusrawi..dlm pukul 12lebih gitu. ke wad kecemasan. i insisted to walk tp dorg tak bg..prosedur katanya.
cek VE opening baru 2cm. ok..its going to be a long nite. doc noorfidak cek and ckp possible normal birth sbb mcm kecik je baby. dia sempat pujuk utk induce and guna epidural sbb first time mom and bukaan masih sikit. i said NO. ikut birth plan hehe.

contraction come and go. we applied hypnobirth technique. my hubby tertido. penat. i try to sleep between surges, take hot showers, minum air zam2 jalan2 kt labor ward, play with gym balls, birth affirmation etc.

bsok siangnya contraction drop. buat VE masih 2cm. im not feeling good. after a long nitr still 2cm? hubby call Nadine to ask for advice. i mmg dlm otak nak keluar coz maybe the environment of hospital buatkan progress slow. call dr.fidak n she agreed to release me. sbb check heartbeat baby sgt bagus. yayy!
after discharge, balik rumah and melayan contraction through the night lg..makin intense. tp i noe belum lg..

membrane release (air ketuban pecah)
ahad 29/12

pagi tu terasa mcm basah..n rasa suam. cek panties mmg soak. call doc n dia suruh monitor lg. after 6hours call dia again n monitor the water kalau berwarna hijau.
ptg tu terasa lg...n this time dah berwarna. so we go to hospital again. pray hard that our baby ok.
cek VE and opening still 2cm.. omg after 2days of labor?? i nearly give up. n pray so much n mmg dah redha. doc suggest induce. i feel defeated already.. siap bgtawu kat hubby if c-sect pun i redha..haa siap gitu lg.

then doc dtg n ckp nk induce..ltk ckit. n i nego dgn dia letak picotin time subuh. coz i nak try natural oxytocin dulu. she agreed. then....i muntah..maybe perut kosong n contraction yg intensed. bgtawu nurse n doc suruh ltk drip n picotin immediately. i was down. i noe my hubby also down..
contraction still sama..then ada progress..bukaan 6cm.

then doc tambah lagi picotin.. masa ni baru rasa sakit yg seriusly menjerit. hubby helped me to breath. n i dah start nak rasa mcm push. called nurse n bukaan dah 8cm. yayy! masa ni buat mcm position. squatting la polar bear la. n i remembered i telan 2biji telur xberapa masak satu teguk je. dlm kepala nak energy.

n yg kelakar masa tgh sakit2 tu, hubby ajar breathing n i feel something stuck in my nose! i was so irritated siap sambil korek hidung sambil marah2. my hubby tahan ketawa je. he said it was hugeeee lol

2nd stage

masa ni bukaan dah 10cm. fully dilated! akhirnyaaa. midwives cek and ckp kepala still tinggi.

i closed my eyes the whole time and practice j breathing sementara diorg siap2.
byk kali push. tapi xkeluar2. doc n semua siap zikir2.
doc asked minyak selusuh.
doc kept asking kenapa susah keluar. push da byk kali n it was ok. yg best tu kepala keluar masuk balik.
doc seluk byk kali nak tgk whats wrong. tali pusat x terbelit.

masa ni i jz pk byknya dosa aku. doa dlm hati byk2 anak selamat. i dun.care about the pain or even my own life. den try gantung kaki plak..pastu try different position plak..sampai nak terjatuh besi tu i tendang. i remembered doc add picotin until maximum.

sejam push...masih xkuar. air ketuban dah xde. so bwh memang kesat.lagi susahkan proses baby nak keluar. i dunno when doc potong bawah (episotomi).

weird thing, i dun feel pain. at all. maybe sbb dah byk sakit masa contraction. i kept my eyes closed as much as possible n think of smthng nice during the whole process

then doc suruh bwk masuk mesin scan..nk tgk kedudukan baby. if baby OP maybe tu sbb slow sgt.. but alhamdulillah baby OA. Then check heartbeat baby. dah start drop.

doc n nurses keluar kejap utk prepare OT..Sbb maybe emergency c-sect.
dia bg peluang utk push lagi..still tak keluar. fuhhhh

then last option: vacuum. if vacuum x jalan...mmg csect..

alhamdulillah dgn sekali push dgn bantuan vacuum, baby Akyd akhirnya keluar. I saw my hubby nanges. i was blur. then dgr doc ckp "patutlahh susah..besar rupanya baby"

takbir, salam dan selawat.

oxytocin peaked. i feel like falling in love again. with my baby n hubby.

skin to skin contaact with baby. still feel surreal. tak percaya  get thru dat.  kiss from hubby. he smiled..a smile that i never seen b4.

nafas baby pendek..rupanya dia da tertelan poo poo. so kejap je skin to skin..

masa menjahit tu borak2 dgn doc. she said i kuat semangat n how it was so close to csect. i didnt take any kind of pain killer b4 or after delivery or gas. lamaaaa doc jahit and she told me byk jahitan..luar dalam.. ohhh n she did said "serik". hehe.

3 days of labor, 1 hour of countless pushing. priceless moment.

syukur diberi peluang oleh Allah utk merasa nikmatnya bersalin normal.
hubby yg witnessed the whole thing kept saying "insaf" and he said he cried to see both baby n myself fight for life.

to women out there, jgn risau bersalin. sungguh ketika itu akan datang kekuatan yg kita tak pernah sangka ada :)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


adui boleh terlupa ada blog haha
anyway, alhamdulillah i have delivered a cute baby boy on 30dec 2013. penutup tirai 2013 katanya.
nama diberi: Wan Akyd Rizqi bin Wan Mohd Fauzan
Berat: 3.66kg
birth story coming soon!