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Monday, February 16, 2009

Due to Many Request - How to Apply Internship in EY?

Whoever wants or have intention to apply at Ernst & Young, u can email me your resume, cover letter, academic transcript and SPM cert to me.


Sorry I don’t have the time to upload any tips or what type of jobs here due to time limitations. But u can always contact me through GTalk or simply text/phone me.

Simply said, if you want to experience working in Big 4, treated like employee, outstations almost all the time, outstanding and can sharpen PR skills, Ernst & Young is for you.
Caution : May cause “tender stress” depending on your stress level :P But for July batch no need to worry la. Its not peak time. December is the super peak time and I have experienced it J

Job : IT Auditor
Department : Business Risk Solutions (Advisory)
Line : Technology Security & Risk Services (TSRS)
Allowance: RM800
Other Income : Mileage Claim
Compulsory trait: Willing to travel and independent

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