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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Do not Intern at F**** & S******* anymore!

Argggh..hari yg sgt22 tak best..tension!! owh..b4 dat..this is my first post..thank to my syg..give permission to share smth in her blog..hehe.. :)

aarrgghh laagggii!! today..i dont want to do anything.. ANYTHING!! even my project tinggal one month je lagi..n got more den 70 slides to complete, still tak nk wat gak!! owh..B4 proced..now i got one project..generally its called Groth Partnership Services (GPS). So, GPS ni is one of thier way to create revenue la sbb GPS nie mcm wat Master programme which u guys have 2 come out with ur own findings. So, later I will come out with my own report which cost $70,000 - $100,000 US Dollar.($$$..wwweee..) If Im not mistaken lar..So. tajuk aku..Asia Pacific C4ISR Market Assesments.Haruslar lpas nie aku tros jer jual to US DoD! hehe..kaye2!! :D

haa!! do not intern here!! argh! geram2..HR kat cni mmg ntah ape ntah..no wonderlar Dr. Rohani kata dlm lecture, most of the HR mmg selalu wat hal..contohnyer nilar..aku bengang sgt sbb Isnin ni tak cuty sempena Thaipusam ( I know Im not celebrate. Shut up!) tp..Pak Lah dah annouced kot. tak caye tgk link~


Aku baru jer nk drop email to HR, tba2 HR dh sent email kat aku. (Hanjing sgt!)

Dear All,

HR has received numerous enquiries about Thaipusam.
The management has already deliberated on this and as such, please note that it is not a 'compulsory holiday' and the Company has the right not to grant it as a day off. Hope the above is clear.

Thank you

giler2!! itu satu hallar kan! 2nd thing, here..got two chinese gurls doing part time job as DATA ENTRY under ICT Department. Both of them just finished thier SPM. Waiting for the result.

(sah2 lar nie bukan dioenrg!)

yes..keje mmg bnyk..sian plak aku tgk..menaip je keje dionerg..tp..nk taw..allowance bape?? RM 1300!! lagi bertambah giler lar HR!! Imagine..we doin Degree..only got RM 1000..they just SPM..extra RM 300!! dat extra I can pay for my apartment's rent!! lol!

arrgghhh...tension!! 3rd thing!! last internship programme done by other utp students, they were entitled 10 days onleave/holiday..which are 5 days with MC and 5 days without MC. (nice ryte??) diz tyme around..me n Emeela just can enjoy 5 days onleave with MC and without MC!! tak ke soooo unfair!!!

argghh...tension!! so..today..sape yg borink..plz do not hesitate to buzz me..I surely can entertain u..hahaha!! Boikot!! (*boikot ape tak taw :D)


Orkid said...

ala...i xde paid leave relax je :P
ponteng sudeyh~ i pny allowance rm800 je... bsyukur la ye. hahaha. but if im in ur shoes of coz bengang. wat keje type2 je tp allowance kalah dak2 degree. diorg pn spm xlpas lg. sbr ek b~~

Anonymous said...

hahahha...bese r tuh HR weiyh...sape suke...kan~...tapi since aku dalam HR pun agak tensen gak..nih kan org yg bukan dalam HR..hahhaa..so,nak keje HR ke lepas nih?pk2 kan lah...heheh!

ainsuffian said...

itu mmg sgt x adil...xtahu lah nape HR f---- wat cmtu..

diorg xde otak kot??

nway, jgnlah pikirkan sgt psl tu ye.. insyaAllah kalau keje lillahitaala, sumenye akan tenang jek..ingt balek kite intern ni utk ape sbnrnye..huhu ^___^

p/s: baru teringt psl benda ni... peace ^___^v

Fauzan Abdullah said...

kan sgt tak adil kan?? tq for feel wat i feel..hehe.. :)