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Thursday, January 29, 2009

My holiday was a blast!!

On Friday I went to Kuantan.. Y? I want to meet my old frenz. Some of dem I neva met since last 5 years. Y I so determined to go kuantan? Yes. I was born there n I hav a looooottt of frenz there.

N the most beloved, never jeles, never stabbed back fren. SYUHADA

I LOVE HER SOO MUCH. She is my bestest n closest fren since form 1. Act I knew her since primary school but we became close during secondary school. I stayed over her house. Omg. No words can explain how much I felt glad to see her.

She will fly this February. On 8th or 9th feb. I must go there. Meet her.

OK2. Done with that story. So I met with my old frenz from primary school and secondary school. Every1 has their owh path.

Im so stupid. So excited meeting dem until totally forgot to take pics. Sigh~

I met with

Syuhada- of coz
Hazwan – my old frenz from SMK Pandan
Bakhtiar - my old frenz from SMK Pandan
Hakim – my old frenz since standard 1. haha. I still remember since we were young ppl alwez gossiping us.
Zafirah – my old frenz from SK Pandan
Kak Dila – my other best3 kakak. I love her. So3 much
Azri-act he’s kak dila’s fren but I knew her coz we were prefects in smk pandan

As usual, I left Kuantan with my heart throbbing all over. Haha.


Now…move to our family vacation. TERENGGANU. Y Terengganu?? No3. Its not becoz of Ojan. Hahaaha.

Ayah had “re-union” with his old frenz with his fren since primary school. Uhhuu…

At first I felt boring. Old folks reunion. Hahaa. But I saw them were very cute. Omg. Cuba bygkan u all jumpe with ur school frenz n u old a bkedut, beruban dan sudah beranak pinak. Haha.. I think that’s cute. Serious!

comelkan? perjumpaan org2 tua. hahaa

We ol tido kat chalet tepi pantai. Ktorg adakan bbq. N the menu was sotong, udang n ikan. Yayyy!!! I love seafood n I sooo excited. N I was excited panggang2 those thing smpai tanak mkn walau dipaksa. Tapi.. bile start makan, I could not stop!! Haha.

udang kegemaranku...ni yg belum msak...

**tgk tu...muka org excited nak bakar. haha! bulat mata.

**wah~~~ sdapnyeee

ni kat Taman Tamadun Islam. Jakun main puzzle kat komputer. tp xdpt2 solve gak. haha

sape ni??? hahaa

**we r one hepi famili. sape tukang amek gmbar? jeng3!

**ni kat Pulau Duyong. tempat monsoon cup. sgt cntik tmpat die. Bleh plak terserempak dgn Muja n da geng kat c2. hehe

**ni kat kwsn homestay.

**konklusion : sgt2 hepi but i felt so sad coz my holiday is very short. huhu**

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