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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Lovely & Dramatic Weekend.

I can consider my weekend as fully utilized. Haha. Why I said so? It started with Friday night. Interns’ Party. Well. It was fun. I am blessed to have EY as my internship place. Haha. EY actually appreciates their employees even it is just an intern.

So let me tell u the “summary” abt dat nite. I went there with my officemates. We arrived there at abt 6.30. Start with mingling around. Networking n chatting. Gt to know lotz of new interns as well as managers n partners. Very glad to find many key person of EY in the party. The place was soooo nice. Chef & Brew. Very nice n look expensive. At first had to register.N find the place with EY goodies. Yay! Get EY bag, post it notes, organizer n pens. Hehe. Proud to be EYian. Haha. Then, People team ask us to form a group of 8 and do the role playing games. The role playing is actually the normal situation and challenge in EY. Hehe. It is quite interesting n we laughed a lot. Many interns are actually a good actor/actress. I have to play as “Senior” role. I tell u, it was an “upside down” performance. Very spontaneous. But we reli had a great time. Wah!!!! I hate diz. Got to setup my own facebook profile as EY told us to do so. Huhu. I was sooo tired. So so so damn tired. My hp is crazy!

**Later i upload the pics during the party. forgot to download it to my lappy

On Saturday Lana, Dila, Tirah n I went to Makeover party by Seventeen. Wheee~~~ We reli had a great time. Reli2!! Eventhough I went there with panda eyes, I reli had a great time. Ya la. Got manicure, new hairstyle, free make ups n free goodies!! Tirah also got fashion makeover n did catwalk! Auuaww! U rox babe! Sure masuk seventeen! Makesure nx month u bought seventeen taw! Haha.

N I got lucky draw. For the first time I was lucky!! Haha. Got manicure n pedicure voucher. Wow! Got free manicure! Whee~~ haha.

mine : glittery baby pink. 2 times apply it. bcoz the first tyme i ruined it bcoz over-excited decorating cupcakes :P

lana: shocking pink


tirah:hot red

Sori babe. Cannot show la our new hairstyle :P

Anyway..y dramatic? Life isn’t always beautiful? Y? I keep it for myself. But my mata bengkak la on Sunday. Its ok. On Sunday, I filled my time with baking most choc cakes. Whee~~ hehe. Release tension.

So, in my conclusion, I want more weekends! Hehe. Plz…. I am very tired n wanna break. :(

**we all had a very good times :)**


imaginary.cat said...

WAJIB beli seventeen next month hehehehe~
I want moar weekend too =( kan bez kalo weekend 5 days, weekday 2 days je :P

SuRayA^i. said...

nseb bek ak xde..
kalo x msti ak lbey lucky that day..