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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Planning to throw a Slumber Party

Planning to throw a Slumber Party with BFFs

Hye gals! Its Friday Night!! and I’m planning to throw a slumber party at BFF’s house in Wangsa Maju. I am 80% confirm on that. Jz waiting to reconcile the plan with Lana Hun. Missing everyone already. So dears plz join! We gonna have fun. Food provided at host house. Hahaha. We wanna hear updates n all those gossips. We will laugh n chatting all nite long. N maybe we have karaoke session as usual. Dancing is allowed too! Men is strictly prohibited. Hahaha.

Date : 9th January 2009
Venue : Wangsa Maju
Theme: Chat2
Attire: Pajamas
Time : 11pm until we sleep :P

Foods are most welcomed.

**Any enquiries do not hesitate 2 ask Lana n me**


SuRayA^i. said...

wangsa maju..
adakah rumah kami...

Orkid said...

haha. rumah sape lg kah? (suke suki je aku organize party kt umah org len) hehe

Anonymous said...

hahahaa!! diyakini dpt green light arr tu..

lana slc said...

err.. gitu kok.. ada mbak komplen nggak mau disediain dong makanannya dong.. makanya, masak masak aja sendiri ah.. gitukan harus disediain juga dong bahan mentahnya.. pokoknya, sedia aja deh..