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Friday, April 29, 2011

Working Life

***This post was longggggg due..it was kept in draft for lonnnggg time. But since a lot of ppl emails/bbm/txt me regarding this, i decided to share. this is just for sharing***

A lot of ppl asked me...

What its like working with Shell?


Some pics I wanna share during mini conference I conducted (This is my part time job, not a daily task)

During today's engagement with students, I didn't share pics of my working life in Shell.

This is just a bit of what I have done as part of my job here.

Since I was in school I really like to handle events. Alhamdulillah here they also trust me to handle conference. I had organized few events in my company actually. This is my passion I guess. I dont like sport so this is the "substitute" for sport hehehe.

The pic below is my Programme Manager for East. I respect him a lot! He is a very experienced manager :)

And this handsome guy is my Project manager. I also admired him (professionally :P). Also admired his Audi Q5 (kot)? hahahaa. He is a rich PM!

I really adore his patience, stakeholder management skills and etc. He really taught me a lot and still teach me a lot until now and then. Of coz sometimes I become a bit pampered hahaa.

And I think he knows me a lot. Ohhhh btw im the only lady in our project. So I think that is the strong reason he takes care of me very well :P

So during the conference we did a lot of knowledge sharing, presentations, team building exercises and also recognition.

Our team is growing and growing...from less than 5 ppl at first now become 30++ and growing. It's a part of Grow East Initiative - meaning that some of the projects in West transitioned to East.

For the recognition, about 8 of us received award :)

(Malu bila Global Manager beri description about my achievement)

This is my beloved Global Manager, he is from US. He is very, very nice, supportive and really trust me (since I am the youngest staff under him). I am quiet close with him and I am really inspired by him. His position is sought after and he is such an energetic leader! Owh Ed, please take me to US. Please! :p

The environment in Shell is very very supportive and I was shocked at first when Ed (high position in our program) asked for my ideas and feedbacks. he asked me to comment his work and my insights how can I improve the program (program comprising hundreds projects under it).

So actually I contributed by implementing "small" Knowledge Management Inititiative to the Program. Since I have background in KM.

After that we then went to Cyberview Lodge to have some fun. Work hard, play hard!

I conducted team exercise. It was a very fun session! I bullied all my buddy and superiors! heehhee.

Balloon couch game! Thanks to housemate for such a brilliant idea!

Then we had quarterly birthday celebration.

(One of the group)

Owh yaaaa u can see most of us wear jeans! hehee. Sempoi! But we are still at top quartile performance :P

So this is a bit of my work here.

- We are global company, so we have the chance to deal with diff stakeholders globally

- That explains why I always have night calls

- We really rely heavily on virtual working - cost effective, no need to travel as much

- Believe it or not majority of my project teams are not Shell staff; they are contractors but we mingle very well; i dont feel any difference!

So to my frens who still have interest to work in Shell (less than 3 years working experience), pls apply as Shell's recruitment target for this year is IT. Grab this opportunity.

P/S: I will be there during the walk in interview on 7th and 8th as part of Shell Ambassador :)

What am I getting of promoting this? None. I just love to share good stuffs.

P/P/S: I know i get too comfortable now with my position. Therefore I have decided to change my job in October. Stretch myself as much as I can insyaAllah.

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