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Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy today!

It's friday..fridayy

hahahaa funny how Rebecca changed our friday.

Today I am very happy, ouh this week a pretty good week for me.

Apart from work work work. Peah has initiated a chain mail! N being a BB user, I feel like a gossip girl already. Planning for girls outing..laughing each other out

Ouhh i really need a good vacation badly!

I missed my uni girls... (just mention few names)...tirah, peah, sur, aimi, nisah, zet, nita, farah, dyla, saf, etc. I really do!

Then, today I also had quick chat with girls I met during Shell life training. We mat for the first time there and suddenly we were so click! The philipino girls are crazy n cute! hahhahaa. We went out for dinner at "high class" area (using our corporate card ehem) and of course, goossip! And tammy made an initiative to use conference call and we update each other. I feel sooo refresh n we planned few outings.

Ohhh i really want to enjoy my single time (with some money in pocket) before attached with someone! ahahaaa.

Since we have friends at Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, East Malaysia...we planned to visit them.


April - Nexus conference. Will meet few Shell life friends here!
May - KL outing as our fren in Philly will come here for training. and ouh..nisah's wedding!
July - Krabi trip with girlfriends!
August - Singapore
Dec - I want to go Bali/Bandung --still thinking abt it
Jan - Brunei for wedding

and somewhere in between go to Kuantan; for relaxing session...thinking of staying at a hotel near the beach and chill out with the other girl who always made my day :)

Heyyy she just created new blog..so pretty pls go to her blog here

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