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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Shameful Moment :(

2nd day at eny...second day. still orientation. get more n more password. im dizzy~ hehe. get security id which changing every 5 seconds (i guess) T_T

second day is like in lab. configuring everything... get more frenz from uitm. waaa~~ im consider young? omg!! hehe. they are like 22 n above. n im 20... huhu.


afta work i go to One Utama wif my besfren Lana. hehe. waa. kind of missing her. hehe. when we met, we like..wow! one from KPMG and one from Ernst & Young. haha. I am carrying laptop with me... it is very heavy. with my biz suit n high heels with laptop, we go shopping..omg!

afta finish shopping, lana's family send me home. waaa!! diz is the shameful moment. their family is like wanna rush. n im still blur with the direction 2 my auntie's house.

n when we near to my auntie's house, i ask them 2 stop n pretend like i found the house which is obviously not...huhu. n consequently, i had 2 walk about half an hour to find the house...waaa!! its late at nite. dark. my phone is dead n im all alone. im sooo scared. i dunno wut 2 do. like wanna cry...

so i jz walk n walk until i find a shop. i ask them. luckily they know. omg. with high heels n laptops. im sooo terribly exhausted.

ooowwhhh i take more pics..hehe

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