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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Go to Client~

Today I have to go to Progressive Insurance. My senior said it is located at Times Square area. Woah…everyday have to meet new people. I will join the meeting tomorrow. Gotta read all the documents given. I tell u it’s a stack of file L

My friends here are very2 nice. Seriously.. still I feel lonely. Huhu. Last nite jz got msg from Lawrence

“Hi guys, stressing out over work yet? Haha…anyway I messaged to ask everyone what is your current assignment (which company), where are you posted (kl? Ey office?) Any days will u be left alone by your senior and when…Message] me back ya! Makes it easy for meeting up lunch dinnermovie etc..Thanks!!”

Nice right? Our jobs are spread all over KL or Malaysia or Far East Area. Hehe. Always on the go… at client side… everywhere. But they do keep in touch. And care for each other..i mean.. whenever I need help they wont hesitate to help me. Im very glad to be wif them.

Thanks dear!!

today i set a "meeting" wif my "beloved" ex-mr. president = Syahmi. weee~~ long time ago he promised me to belanja me. hehe. (suddenly teringat balik mase zaman jd student representative.hehe)

yay! do a site visit again tomorrow. ya la..bcoz i alwez go to client. i nak makan puas2~~~

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