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Friday, December 5, 2008

Meet my senior~ At last!

Yes!! Finally my senior, Eva contact me. While im helping around my colleagues with ACL, Kak Maria calls out my name. Ouh. What happened aa? I reli2 scare. Ya laa… I haven’t report 2 my senior yet. I’ve tried everything I cud 2 reach her.

Den, she contacts me. She said we r going 2 go to client side. Whee~~ yay!! I’ve got work 2 do n im going 2 client!! Whee~~

The client is OSK Investment Bank (haven’t heard b4 but I have 2 pretend like I know. :P) It’s a public listed company..yes. it’s a big company. It was raining so so so heavily suddenly. Huhu. Regret wearing bju kurung wif kain tbelah…hehe. Eva fetch me up. Den 4 da 1st tyme I meet Eva..yes. she’s sooo pretty. So fair. Gorgeous. Hehe. Driving a vios. Wow! She’s so nice. Telling me wut 2 do.

OSK is jz beside Ampang Park. I have 2 do some readings. I tell u here. As an intern we have 2 learn fast n try 2 adapt. Dun be shy 2 ask. Eva is sooo helpful.

Then, she asks me to call certain people in OSK to get few documents from them. Omg! My heart suddenly stops beating. Haha. Ya la…jz officially 1st day working n have 2 call client who r high position. But I have 2 comfort myself.. “Rahmah, last tyme during Convo I also had to call a lot of ppl..u can do it rahmah!!” so I jz do it la.. wow. I reli hepi bcoz Eva treats me like a normal staff n guding me. Then I go with her..n she introduces me to the ppl in OSK.

I love my work. Meeting a lot of ppl n doing smthng I good at. I feel honored as I am given trust 2 handle some documents. I hope I learn loads of things here. I will do the best not 4 da sake of my GPA only bt it is 4 future career dvlpmt. I want utilize my time here in ENY to da fullest. I dun mind working like craze instead of doing nothing n get free allowance.

Tomorrow loads of works r coming! I have 2 b prepared n fresh. I reli hope I do not burden anyone in EY. Ya laa..diz time is super duper peak time 4 dem. Reli can see they’re working reli hard. Yes!! Semangat!! ;)

**eat alone at Ali Maju T_T**

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