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Friday, December 12, 2008

OSK again~

Today is the last day doing auditing in OSK. I have to kick my ass to work harder today. Hehe. Yay! I manage to finish the ITGC Procedure before lunch. I have to say this…my work involves a lot of travelling. I tell u.. a lot! And then see a lot of people. I need to becareful with my words, my attire and also to be a good listener. I love this job very much. Previously, when I was a public relations exco, I need to see a lot of ppl. Alhamdulillah I think I can carry out this job very well.. just…sometimes I feel nervous. Ya laa.. I have to see managers, assistant manager, director n blablabla. My only problem is misinterpretation n sometime I forgot to ask few things I need to ask them. Omg!! Truknyer saye~ hehe. Ha…one more prob…I dunno how I can survive wif diz.im very bad wif direction..erm I mean coordination. Ok..see..i need to go different places…different offices, diiferent levels. I tell u it is a nightmare! Ok. When I reach a place…I dunno how to exit. Or I jz be an alien there…searching for the rite location. Wawawawa! Very malu… EY Personnel go around client’s office searching where to go… adui. I think diz is my largest weakness… or if I take a train..for sure I will go to wrong place or exit at the wrong place… huhu. End up I walk, walk, and walk…. Very tiring….

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