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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Year End Review

Busy mode activated.

When I said I am busy.. I am REALLY busy hahaa.


Bulan ni ke seluruh Malaysia n Singapore. Aaaaa.

Anyway, it is time for me to do year end review. I like it because it shows that I am near to get bonus and increment! But I really hate it coz need to write flowery lines just to show that you are doing good. Hell I hate it. Especially your reviewer is not the person who works with u. So how can she knows what I have been doing so far?

Plus, im not a good talker...or writer...I always believe in action.


Post ni sebab dapat feedback my summary pendek sgt by line manager ahahhaa. Fine~ I have loads of things to do. Refer kat feedbacks from all my stakeholders tak cukup ke? :P

Kartun kat bawah ni describe exactly mcm mana kita being ranked in company. True tho!

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