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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Chocolate Fountain anyone?

Chocolate fountain can make huge difference in your event! Those smiles and excitement look really made me happy.

Mak budak, bapak budak lagi excited ok!

So now sugar town (http://ilovesugartown.blogspot.com) has special offer for chocolate fountain machine rental with 2kg chocolate at rm80 only!

Crazy kan? HAHA.Memang the cheapest in town la. So hurry book your date before 18th march. Later the price will back to normal at rm150.

We give u the quality chocolate, dah test kesedapan by yours truly hehe.

Hurry, dah banyak date yang penuh. Valid until december event :-)

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ciksusu said...

ala..nak :(
tapi jauh pulak :(

~Miss Honey~ said...

area kl je rahmah??

~Miss Honey~ said...

area kl je ke rahmah? :)

Orkid said...

haah yang kl je :) unless u boleh datang n amek dari kl hehe

iedaurora said...

dear, ieda berminat untuk rental, i email u keh..