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Sunday, January 10, 2010


woahhh!! sangat excited untuk join contest nih. sebab contest nih memenuhi kriteria yg ada pada saya. Suka mencantikkan diri dan paling penting, BERANGAN!! hahaha.

i know2..dia suh upload pics jahhh tapi nak gak tambah2 :P
Bestnya kalo dapat adiah!! hehehe
Anyway, enjoy ya!

With the end of the year now is when a lot of us like to reflect. I like to look back at the past year..its obstacles and accomplishments and forward to the year ahead.
I also think about changes I’ve made to my look this year. I’m not entirely happy with my style right now, however, and that’s something I want to work on in 2010.
How about you? Are you happy with your look and style?

SO......JOIN MY FUN CONTEST NOW ;) ---> http://kisahlynna.blogspot.com/


1. What’s your favorite makeup things at the moment??

Benefits makeup memang besh!! Mampu beli pon sebab ade warehouse sale kat opis tempat intern dulu2 :P

2. Are there any beauty MAKEUP/PERFUMES branded items on your wish list?
Of coz!! Again, saya suke berangan! haha

Clinique superfit. Pernah dapat free sample and byk kali try kat counter as I am a Clinique loyal customer. Tapi, budget lom tercapai lagi. :(

Lancome eye set. waaahhhh.. Purple!!! I like!

Bau nih sangat beshhhhh. Plus ade shimmer edition. Terasa macam JLo la :P

Coastal Scent makeup pallete

Teruja nak nih coz tengok Michelle Phan (Sila google ye kalo nak die sape) gune nih. Waduhhh beshnyeee

3. What's Style and Outfit do you want on 2010?
Okeh. ni agak mudah.Sebab mmg sentiasa berangan kan. Gambar bwh ni sume saya create sendiri gune polyvore taw! :P

Hey 'lady boss' style :P

I hope I will start off my career as soon as I finished my study somewhere in June. So diz will be my dream office outfit :P
Party bebeh!

As Y.U.P (Young Urban Professional) hehe. Sometimes mesti nak party, so i want to have this girly look :)


Ini pakaian mase lepak2 kat Kopitiam keh. Window shopping keh. (wah melaram tol minum kat kopitiam mcm neh) hahaha

4. Lastly, pliss upload your latest gojes style pictures with the beauty makeup looks...

hehe. semasa jadi model BodyShop la konon :P

Photoshoot with Anep. Credit to him.
OMG! Even tho tak menang, as ramai gile gile join, tapi saya sangat enjoy wat post ini ok. hahah :)


l y n n a s h a a r i said...

tq join my contest ;0)

Fauzan Abdullah said...

waahh!! ade gaya boleh menang nie :)

Orkid said...

kak lynna: same2
fauzan: ameen..hehe

imaginary.cat said...

nak join jugak~~~ :P