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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Speaker for SESERI SELERO :-)

Last weekend was a very hectic...on friday, i got this alumni sharing and the next day I had grooming workshop. hehe. will blog about the workshop later.

Anyway, if you are my reader since last year (post here), you would recall that I participated in motivational talk to my former school students. And yes...this time round, I was humbled to be invited again to share in one slot.

Like previous year, I shared about my journey: from school --> UTP --> Shell. Been there done that kononnya kan. hahaa.

Alhamdulillah, the response was very very positive. ya...hearing from senior u will like kinda see what future will bring you. I was a PRS before (read: peer counsellor)(read: mind me if i have dat attidtude of always give advice even u did not ask pun, u know where it came from kan ahha)

This time, I was so tired. Stuck in jam for almost 2 hours. After work some more. Lapar some more! so i think my sharing was not good at all :(

Ok..next month, I will go to UTP pulak for "job sharing" ahahaha. I am not that good, but i believe with some knowledge n experience that I have, it wud mean something to someone. I really feel obliged to serve my alma mater even though im no longer there.

Its kinda funny to see my slidespack. all about me. but it is good for me to reflect.

"Guys...how would you draw your life?"

and i learnt a lot from the students too. InsyaAllah if I have time and rezeki I will continue doing this.

One message from hundreds of love notes that concludes my presentation. I am so grateful that they get what I tried to convey

"When people say no to you, you say yes. Take a look at what u have achievedand with confidence you have, you will fly high above everybody else. We can be who we want to be"

tak tahu siapa tulis. no name hehe.

and paling terharu...

"saya dah give up sebenarnya, tapi bila akak bagi sharing saya terus ubah fikiran dan nak buat yang terbaik"

Alhamdulillah. Allah gives me the knowledge to share with you.

I know no one will read this. But...reading each and every single "love notes" from adik-adik give me a lot of motivation!

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myra zahirah said...

assalammualaikum akak :)
teringat selero last year . rindu pulak dgn akak2 semua.

Hurrun Maqsurah said...

kak rahmah,
assalamu'alaikum :)

sape kate takde sape bace? saye bacelah (:

hehe .

thankyou for coming , akak <3