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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Not a serious post. Just few things came across my mind

1. Communication can solve most of the problems in the world. Sume orang tawu tapi susah nak implement. Especially orang timur. I am building my assertiveness skills. Tak tahu, tanya. Ada doubt, clarify. Never assume. I practised a lot of this esp masa my tunang prep n also will do a lot lagi utk upcoming wedding. N its reli important gak for relationship :-)

2. Malu bertanya sesat jalan. Simple. Tapi serius memang betul. Contoh dlm kerja: u belajar n research or assume smthng in ur role, tp sbnarnya ada some1yg pernah "been there, done that". I am under develop program in shell, so akan rotate. I cant afford to learn everything by myself. Shortcut, tanya orang or leader. Important: ask for tips on how to shine in ur role, what are the mistakes or learning from previous person, what could u do to contribute more. Bila kita dah frame our thoughts correctly, our journey will be smoother.

3. My job is boring. I think most of us do not like our job. I have been hinted dat my job is going to be dry...but again..its about how u see things.. Is the glass half empty or half full. Tips: everyday, ask urself how u can make a difference in ur job, carik different ways to perform ur job, carik improvement point n organize 1:1 with ur manager..or simply ask them i want to do more. Do u have any project in mind? Sometimes we just do our job for the sake of doing it. Cuba tukar kepada helicopter view n pikir how u can contribute n what the impact of ur work to others. That wud make ur job more interesting :-)

4. Do everything n anything that can make ur parents hepi. Tapi rule no 1 applies taw if u have any disagreement. Patuh tu biar bijak. Serius. Makin dah nak bina keluarga sendiri, makin rasa betullah berkat dari orang tua. Sebab tu, i will make sure apa2 i buat memang with their consent. Even kena kuar byk duit sbb tu, tapi i berani potong jari, u xkan rasa susah. Kalo mereka x suka, apply lah negotiation skills hehe

5. Lately byk bukak pasal blog org preggy or bersalin etc.my aim, b4 i kawen i want to make sure dat i am prepared mentally to be a mother.

6. Always begin with an end in mind. Contoh: i selalu ingatkan diri. I prepare my last engagement n coming weding insyaAllah dgn harapan my parents hepi, tetamu dtg hepi so dat they will doa for our happiness as husband n wife n in life. That principle reli help me to focus.

Yaaaa dry post. I like to write it in my blog so that i can remind myself :-) :-)

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Fauzan Abdullah said...

interesting blog. very inspiring :)

thanks for sharing.