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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sharing for My B

Tomorrow is his first day.

First day for his real job.

Excited, nervous, happy...all in one.
I know his feeling. haha.

Well..his new place is actually the place i used to intern there.

I love the company. I supposed to start working there on 6th July.

Can i say my path is "twisted"? Alhamdulillah. I want to challenge myself.
It is hard to tell the HR that I have to "quit" the job (I had signed the agreement btw). Ohh and the manager called, said she was very sad for the news and she said i can come back anytime if I do not like the job. haha. Thx for the trust :)

Anyway, for Ojan's case. I know a lot of mulut jahat said that he was offered because of me. With the name of Allah, I did not help him anything except for giving him the address of HR and explain to him the jobscope. Not even giving him tips on interview (because i didnt go thru the normal interview). All because of his efforts. He did not believe at first that he was offered the job. He suspected me recommended him to the manager. No i didnt. Not for Ojan. But I did it to few juniors for intern place, but not for him. I can do it for him. But I believe in his own ability.
Ohhh dah merepek jauh. I want to share few tips to him. I write it here so dat he can refer it frequently. I think maybe others can do it at other organization as well.

1. Introduce yourself. Do not be ashamed. This is the thing that I didnt do, and I regret it the most. EY is a place where ppl are so bz going here and there. And I can say quite many of them do not know each other. We do not have our own cubicles, just free seat because majority of us station at clients' place. So, pls have courage to introduce yourself. I didnt do it because the environment was not really welcoming, very quiet, all ppl sit infront of laptop, look very bz, all chinese.
2. Ask for help. (but of course after you have tried it yourslef few times). Setting your laptop, password that changes every second, a lot of applications, fax, printer, wifi. OMG. It was very stressful. I tell you, EY has a lot of security appliances. Very cumbersome. So pls ask for help. You will go few times to IT dept. hehee. Sabar je la k~ :P

3. Know your timeline and manager. Know your client ahead. You will be assigned to clients. Every project has different managers, so introduce yourself to your manager saying that you will be working with him and ask for past financial year doc. It will be very helpful. And ask them if thay need you to help him (You get extra points there hehe).

4. Do your homework. First week after orientation can be very disappointing. You know very little. You have a lot of questions. Therefore, open any applications that are related to your jobscope like ITGC application, EY Random, CAATS application (this application is very #^&&!@). Try to use mock data and play around with it with the help of manuals. Yes, there will be training but you must be proactive! cewah. Plus point: Email the training manager to include you to any suitable trainings.

5. Lunch with them (even kdg2 tempat sgt mahal). Not only that, COMMUNICATE with them. I know, speaking english all the time will be very awkward. haha. Because you and your colleagues will be very busy and we hardly talk to each other during work. So use one hour lunch to know them. Do not be afraid. They are at your age even some of them hold very high position but they are really nice.

6. If you are left unoccupied/idle (jarang berlaku). Take this chance to ask around manager whether you can help them or your mentor. I know memang penat but you will learn a lot.

7. Discuss with your mentor on your strengths and weaknesses. They are usually your partner/director. Majority of them are nice. They want to help you. So discuss with them on how you can contribute to the firm.

8. Join EY Club. Hockey, tennis, badminton. They always have game tournament between big four. Once a year they will have vacation also. Also, they are active in organizing bbq outing, clubbing, camping, paintball, movie, so participate minimally. haha. You have to participate but not too often. You do not want your life surrounded by WORK only right,no? haha

9. Please be anal on your documentations. I warn you. No TYPO-TYPO ok! They are very meticulous. They can see even the tiniest mistake. Improve your business english. Do your documentation with full heart or else u will end up getting a lot of red marks (its ok to get that but pls reduce it)

10. Communicate clearly with your client. Know what you want from them. It is not about getting the right answer but also the right question for them. Start meeting your new client with exchanging the biz card. Prepare your interview with them. Be clear and professional.

11. Pls plan your career milestone. You are the one who will decide on what next. Not your manager, not your mentor. How you can plan? Have rough idea. Example:

2010 - Associate 1
2011 - Associate 2
2012 - Senior Assoc. 1..... blablabla. and also what job you are interested to pursue in the next few years. It really helps you to know where you are heading to and you will get promoted earlier because you know what you want.

Semua ilmu dah bagi ni. Ni setakat yg saya taw and saya buat spjg intern je la. hahaa. You know i'll always available for u k? I know you can do it!!
All the best my dear :)

Motip letak gmbr ni. hahaa :P


Fauzan Abdullah said...

waahhhh!! very nice and useful sharing!! thank sgt2.. really appreciate it.. tak sangka i plak kat E&Y. haha :P

thank again. really appreciate it :)

love u soo much!! ><

siti nur afifah said...

haha..xleh blah taruk gambo tuh..
hihi..nk wish gud luck to bro ojan!!!bila sudah kaya nantik,,dtg la ke sabah bha...hihi..XD

Fauzan Abdullah said...

erk. haha..taw tak pe. motif letak gmbar tuh. segan2.. hahah :P