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Monday, August 2, 2010

Of Me and Shoes

Mr. Blahnik says, "Shoes should be an investment, as we do spend all day on our feet. So why not add some class too! And you should go as high as you can!"

Oh oh
I agree with u Mr Blahnik. Ohhh why dont u just LEND me at least a pair of your shoes to me? hahaha.
Mase wedding aritu pki heels kejap. OMG. Dah berbulan xpakai (except for interview). Make me remember how great the feelings of wearing high heels. haha.

I cannot resist the tempation to own high heels. You know, like having sinful indulgence. Hummm..

I still can own heels but i put some rules:

1. Wear it occasionally
2. Wide heel
3. Reduce my weight
4. Switch with flats
5. Maybe i will consider to hv my customized heels. hehehe. but it will cost me the bomb la

I dont know, i find flats are boring. But thank God, now ballet shoes are in. Like cotton on/rubi. Or maybe eclipse. Suka suka suka.

Tapi nak jugak heels... hahaha

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