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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hari Yang Best!

Few days ni perkara2 yang selalu diangan2kan tiba2 dtg dgn tiba2. Paling tak tersangka.

Betul lah org ckp. We just have to dream, and just let it process itself.

Yurp. Sometimes its true! Tapi ni bukan angan2 mat jenin ye. haha.

Anyway, found this kat blog ane ntah. It is really inspiring!

"Few know this
Most people think they need to fight and struggle. Not so. You can let life unfold. The secret is to focus on what you want, do what is before you to make it happen, and trust the process.

Yes, life can be hard.
But it can also be easy.

Most of the difference is in how you look at what is happening.
If you regard running a marathon as hard, you won't find it very easy. But if you enjoy running and consider a marathon a personal challenge you welcome, then you will regard running it as easy. Yes, you may sweat and struggle and pant along the way, but you'll still enjoy it.

As with everything else, the choice is yours".

I have a lot of dreams. But I know the priority. And my dreams are started to manifest. Dah tunjuk jalan, sekarang hanya perlu trust the process dan follow the flows. Peluang yang tergolek depan mata tak semestinya kebetulan kan? It is "attracted" to you. haha.

Semoga semuanya berjalan lancar. Amin :)

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