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Monday, June 20, 2011

This and that...

Tonite suddenly im feeling like updating my blog while doing my work. But dont have any idea.
Just go thru some pics and put here..i have camera but charger left at my parents house T.T

Last weekend was awesome! Perfect combination of girlfriends + shopping + eating.

Shopping at Pavi..mostly my bf's things. Feel so good to see him happy :) I did my shopping with my girls in Timesquare the day before. Bliss!

My bf forced me to cut down my addiction to jco donut to 2 pcs only. T.T

I super like glazy, green tea and durian.

And....Jco yogurt ice cream is the best eva! I finished most of the serving and took the sample twice! hahaaha.

This is my messy workstation at home. What I love about working with Shell is the flexibility.

A lot of my colleagues working from home. I will try my best to work from home whenever possible, and on fridays at least.

My first official IT project was successfully Go Live, so we received recognition. I like this pic coz for the first time i look very small in the pic haahahaha. Oh yess..im the only lady and malay in my team :P

Work is good so far, but i found myself not at a very high spirit compared to few months before. Project go live defer few days, one of the factor coz i will be away for krabi trip T.T

Anyway, I really need to find my spirit and deliver more.

On another note, soooo sorry to anyone who emailed me. I got more than 15emails asking about career and recruitment. Will get back to that.

And and and...im so happy that Shell 6 UTP students will be hired this time round. And more to come. I am so happy as part of Shell Ambassador. I do not get anything in return but I always believe "bila kita tolong tunjuk jalan untuk rezeki, insyaAllah Allah akan murahkan rezeki".

I know my help is very very minimum but I am very passionate to live one's dreams coz I used to be in their shoes before :)


joe said...

eh, work station tuh dekat bhgn living room ke? Nice! mmg gaya pekerja cemerlang.. hahhaa

eeeeeehhh, I dont knw if its ur diet or u've just been working too hard. In any case, u look thin. =)

Orkid said...

joejayyyy: no la, in my room jah. haha. tu bukan diet or work hard, teknik pose dlm gambar supaya nmpak kurus hahaha