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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Whenever I faced a very hard time in my work...I will breath deeply and said to myself, there will be a big success in the end.

I will repeat the mantra again and again.

It is proven that whenever I faced big challenge, cant take it anymore, but still I'm fighting, there is always a very good reward in the end.

Hopefully this will be the same for this project.

We are now facing a very hard time. Very, very. I arrived office at 8am and now im still working..not sure when i will log off. The good thing is everything is virtual, so I do my work at home. But I will end up not realizing I worked more than 12 hours.

Fret not, I am under project..so yeah..it is expected time that we are super busy especially when approaching Go Live.

I believe that challenges, tests, problems etc is the opportunity to shine!
I know things like this happen to others...workload, deadlines, demands, etc.
So lets motivate each other :)

P/S: I pray hard things will go well...if not I will need to cancel my krabi trip :(

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joe said...

well, I have no idea wth is GO LIVE project, but I assume its ur defining moment to shine. Come on kak mah! have a break, have a kit kat!! =)