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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


OMG Its middle of June already...

Just few weeks more to my girls escapade~~

But I justttt tooo...BUSY...boooooo

Supposed to go live with the new sytem during my vacation....n my PM looked at me in a veryyyyy not-so-happy-eyes. NO NO NO. I will not cancel my flight again because of work!

hahahaa. so he asked me to bring along my laptop :( omg.

i wanted to do the planning etc for the trip but cannot. so just ask my pretty girls to do it je la.
Terpaksalah tiap2 hari marathon lewat malam di office.

Owh krabi~~ pls treat me well k.

Owh project..hopefully ure doing well. This is a very important mark in my career


yaya said...

im going there next week!! :)

Orkid said...

reli??? nanti share tips taw hehehe