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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It Touches My Heart

He is not romantic...

He always late...

He always being a clueless person..

He has all the reasons that can make me mad..

But..i fall in love with him.

This post really touches my heart.

He never know how to use fancy words, give songs, make suprises, etc but I know every actions that he made and words that he said reli touch my heart and show his love towards me.

"10. Kat UTP, aku kenal someone. someone yg first time aku tgk, she can be my wife and good mama. I have that felling. Padahal tak kenal pon die. Ntah sape ntah. But. from her chracteristic, I can say. End up die my gf aku sknrg. hukhuk. Declare nk couple dgn die on 23 September 2006 kat PD. Time tuh ade Program organized by Petronas. Time declare tuh, di bawah pokok sena ekk name die, we borak-borak den at the end she dedicate a song to me. It was really such a lovely moment!"

Pic credit to Idzwan and edited by Acap

Thanks B for being with me all this while. Apologies for being an imperfect gf...I will try to be the best wife (isteri solehah) and mother of our future children. Amin.


Farhah (applegreen) said...


joe said...

ouwwwww, so scheweeeettttttttttttt.
Org suh pergi camp, korang bercinta di bawah pokok sena? hahaa.. comel!

**mana aku nak cari pokok sena kat ampang nih?

Fauzan Abdullah said...

I pon lagi suka. hehe :)

Thank trillion times. I never ever tired of saying thank to you >.<

fatin said...


liyana said...

auww! terharu.. mcm seth tan la.. (tetibe)